What's the current status on CS Rachel?


Old school mid-skilled Rachel player here and I’m just wondering… for the sake of wondering…

Did they murder her close range? I’m hearing that all over the place and you guys haven’t really led me wrong yet. It’s kinda got me in a bummer, and I’m not sure if I’m going to pick up CS if they did. None of the other characters have the same appeal to me.

So I’m just checking so I can NOT spend 60 on this game if that is the case. Back in GGX2 and it’s iterations I used Slayer alot, and enjoyed his close range abilities, then Rachel was basically the same close range with some nifty ranged games and pokes… however, it seems as though she is almost worthless at close range now.


Based on the arcade version, she’s not WORTHLESS, but it’s a definite nerf. I wouldn’t say it’s worth skipping the game though. She’s still a force to be reckoned with and her ability to zone is as godly as ever. Still no match for my delicious Tao, but whacha gonna do.

But then, I’ve had a lot of people disagree with me about that. I think they are mostly just people who whine instead of sticking to their main and being men about it. If you love Rachel like you should, you can still murder people. IF YOU LOVE HER LIKE YOU SHOULD!

Not sure if there will be further changes for the console versions.

Remember, kids: Love will make tiers disappear.