What's the deal with arcade sticks and Canada?

Is there a reason I’m missing as to why no canadian retailers sell arcade sticks? Or the canadian equivalents of amazon and the like don’t have the arcade sticks that the US versions do? Im looking to grab the Mad Catz SF4 stick and seems like my only option is to get incredibly gouged on shipping from gamestop.


Oh shit! Chad got those things! Fucking awesome! I might just go cancel my order at gamestop now.

I ordered one from Lizard Lick and according to their shipping calculator the shipping is $33.30 (with $2.60 insurance) bringing the total up to about $186 US.

Since Lizard Lick uses USPS there are no addition duty charges other than paying Canadian taxes on the $149.99 price and a $5 Canada Post handling fee. I’ve heard that Gamestop uses UPS, so if you from there you may have to pay substantial duty fees when it arrives at your door. This is just what I found out after doing some reseach about it online before I orded my stick, so maybe someone can correct me if I’m wrong…

Thats awesome and I appreciate it, but it doesn’t really answer my question. Why can’t I buy any of these in a store? Ever?

because they dont have them.

I’m Canadian myself and I can totally relate. Unfortunately that’s usually how Canada is. The Canadian counterparts of big places like Amazon always gets the crap at the end of the stick. But there are definitely other people out there who are willing to do for us what others can’t. Lizard Lick is one of them. Great place for arcade stick parts.

Oh word? You mean this “Canada” is a real place? Do they have electricity in their igloos? Do Canadians even know what arcade sticks are? It must be hard to play when they’re drunk all the time. You know, spilling maple syrup all over everything.

No, I’m just playing. I’m actually Canadian too and I know exactly what you mean. Some EB Games and a few mom and pop video game stores sell arcade sticks, but they usually look like this. Yeah. I don’t know if they think we don’t have a market out here. Me and my friends don’t exactly equal to all of Canada. You and your boys might want to be able to buy a decent arcade stick from a retailer locally, but maybe there isn’t enough interest with the average player. (Even though I think if the FS and FSTE sold locally in Canada, they would do fine.)

What’s our best bet for the Standard? I don’t have $150 on top of SF4 right now. Maybe in a couple years off eBay or something, but not this year no chance in hell.

Well to be honest unless everyone in your area is losing sleep over official Japanese arcade parts inside a mahogany stained case with anime art on top to boot and a balltop that has LED lights with buttons that light up when you press it, you won’t see mass quantities of arcade sticks being sold to the general public in Canada.

Kind of weird how the stores are littered with stupid Guitar Hero/Rock Band instruments though.

You could always try craigslist, or your local area thread in the forums and ask if anyone is selling their arcade sticks.

You guys are better off than us here in Australia. I dont think we have any Sanwa/Seimtsu resellers or any sticks for sale. I think we have some game pads or something but Im not too sure on that. Plus, we have to ship from the other side of the world, whereas you guys have America next door. You could drive there and pick one up (assuming you live close enough to the border and a shop near the border). We cant =(

I’m from Canada too, and yeah, we get no love =(

Lizardlick however is a great place to get arcade parts. I ordered from there and also placed a preorder for the Madcatz TE fightstick for PS3!

Ohh I can’t wait! But since all this is in USD, my wallet is gonna take quite a blow… plus SFIV CE GAH!

Have you checked arcade repair shops in your area? They might have some parts around, bonus if they work on fighting game cabs.

I’m Canadian too but have no interest in the SFTE stick to be honest with you… I’m just going to purchase the HRAP3 off of this website and customize it…

If you think about it, it’s actually a good alternative since the stick itself is like 89.99 then buying parts should be about 20-40 bucks so in total ur looking at paying equivalent to the TE stick…

The only argument of course is that buying the TE stick would save you the time since all parts are sanwa…

how can you order an $89 hrap3 in canada?

if you live in BC Canada you can have it shipped to Point Roberts and just go pick it up. You still get the free shipping and all. That’s what I did, my HRAP3 from Amazon.com will arrive in 2 days :smiley:

I know Game Shack @ Atrium On Bay in downtown Toronto sells Hori sticks in limited quantities… Not the best but it’s still something.

Have you tried hitting up GameBuzz on St. Catherine ? I remember a situation that looked a lot like they imported a Jap PSP before the NA release for a customer when I was in the store one time (maybe for regulars/friends only, didn’t bother to ask) so they might be able to order a TE for you. I’d suggest calling them first, especially if you live far from Downtown though since I’m not sure about this.

On a side note, I think the place is worth a visit if you’re in the area, one of the best game stores in Montreal IMO. They have some nice collectibles, a decent old school catalog and the SNES version of SF2: HF running in the back :rock:. At least that’s how it was a few years ago.

Healthcare > joysticks.

I’m not from Canada but I have lived here for the past 4 years. I’m feeling the burn too, although to be fair, coming from England you can’t really complain. At least there’s not a 6 month wait on games and movies to come out (if at all in some cases).

If you live in the Vancouver area it might be a good idea to check out Crystal Mall around Metrotown in Burnaby. It’s a Chinese mall and there are various gaming stores on the ground floor that sell various things. Arcade sticks are one of them. Something like an HRAP would probably be way overpriced though since I saw a FF edition NDS selling for three times it’s import value.

Aberdeen Centre in Richmond would also be another place I’d check out.

Basically leave the big retail stores like EB and Futureshop alone and seek out the areas populated by landed Chinese/Taiwanese people (not so much the Chinatowns, more the places that normal people actually live and grow up).

Oh, and we have two places that have SF4 cabs so can’t really complain TOO hard :wink:

Can some one get a cheap hrap??? I really need one for a near by tournament???