What's the deal with dashing through each other?

yeah so, i was practicing my parry with ken against chun like a a year ago,so i got her to dash onto my side and i’ll jump over to the other, but i dashed and she dashed and we went past each other. anyone no why this happens?invincibilty or what?

i also have another question but i can’t remember it, so i’ll post it later


Dashes usually have a few frames that are considered airial(sp?). If two characters dash at each other and meet while the airial frames of both characters are active, they pass through one another. I think that’s the case anyway.

I had a page on dashing frame data but firefox thought it would be funny to delete my bookmarks.


thank you

How accurate is the dashing table? It says hugo’s forward dash is the fastest, and that seems intuitively wrong to me.

It’s gotta be messed up. Look at Makoto’s data.

don’t know if it’s 100% accurate, but it’s seems ok to me. makoto has a lot of recovery on her dash. compare how fast can you dash twice with makoto and twice with idk shotos. makotos slower it just has more range. idk about hugo, but all he does is jump up, and move forward like a pixel or smth so it might seem slower than it really is. oro has the fastest back dash and that’s about right.


makoto has the fastest dash in the game are you on crack

the parenthesis frames are cancelable (or just dont count if you dash into your opponent? i dont know i never empty dash into someone…)

well ok, my mistake

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