What's the deal with her health?

I’m new to this game and I picked Juri as my main because I feel she suits my playstyle very well. One thing that has been frustrating me however is how little it seems to take to kill her. I feel like I’m putting in way more work than my opponents and getting way more hits in but I die after getting tagged like three or four times. Does she have less health than most characters and less damage output or is this me just sucking? I mean I know I suck but I guess my question is how much of it is me and how good is Juri compared to the rest of the cast?

she’s slightly below average iirc (950) 1000 is average.

950 isn’t bad considering shes a female in a Capcom game.

lol Capcom female hp.

Honestly, play Akuma for a while, then you’ll appreciate your 950. Her health isn’t bad.

You’ll get used to it.

Wow, this dude is trippin cause she’s 50 below standard health?

I didn’t even know she had that much. That’s more than quite a few characters.

Tbh her health doesn’t matter that much, she could have 1050 and still die to a flieswat, she just doesn’t have any defensive options.


Well of course she has low hp, she is in a CAPCOM game afterall. All the female chars in SSF4 have below avrg. health (I at least think so, pls correct if im wrong).
I just hope that Makoto gets that little Hp boost to 1000 hp in 2013 :smiley:

Makoto got the bump in AE, then got it removed in AE 2012.

And yeah, 950 health and stun is not bad at all, especially for a 100lb (46kg) girl. (I know, it doesn’t work like that, or Seth would not be at the bottom. Still…)