What's the deal with meaties in Third Strike?

My guess is that this has been covered somewhere, but I’ve read a lot on this forum and attempted a search and haven’t found exactly what I’m looking for, so here it goes…

It seems to me that meaties have different properties than what I’m used to in SF4 and what I assumed was also the case in the SF2 series. As far as I know, doing a move “meaty” in SF4 doesn’t really change anything about the move’s properties or the outcome of the resulting clash/“decision point” aside from the fact that one character is waking up and can reversal. However, various players have mentioned in videos I’ve watched etc. that the timing of the meaty attack can alter frame data, for example in the case of universal overheads linking into super if they are timed perfectly (and I see in the frame data that the move doesn’t always result in the same frame advantage on hit). Some players have mentioned that there’s a short period of throw invulnerability for a character that’s waking up…? Also, I saw a lot of debate in some older threads (like 2005) about the effects of certain moves as meaties,… Maybe I’m wrong on meaties having what are to me “weird” qualities and this is purely about UOH spacing, but basically I’m just asking someone to explain how meaties work in 3S and also how the UOH thing works.

Thanks in advance!

Meaties doesn’t alter frames data.
Doing something meaty is timing it to have its active frames on very the first frame of opponent wakeup : depending on what normal you used and what he tried to do (reversal) (and maybe spacing, dk), your move can cleanly beat his.

Everyone got 5 frames on wakeup where he can’t be thrown.

UOH is all about when (meaty) you hit and/or where (the frames adv/disadv in the frames data) you hit.
Meaty UOH automatically gives you frames advantages, wherever you hit.
Non meaty UOH : after you hit, you char need to be back on the ground to be able to combo. So, the farther you hit, the faster you’ll be able to do something after.
Check C-Royd video for a nice UOH tutorial.

I belive that meaties work so much better in 3s than any other SF because normals have very many active frames and most specials are not invincible during startup. This is all a good thing.

Thanks a lot. I actually checked out C-royd’s UOH vids after I posted this and they were highly informative and the whole UOH meaty/combo thing made a lot of sense when I looked at the hitbox motion and saw him do it, etc., but I was still unsure of the general meaty mechanics. This cleared it right up! :slight_smile: