What's the Deal with Multi-Hit Moves?


So I know some moves have multiple hits. But why is this a good ( or bad ) thing?

I am assuming that if you go into blockstun for the first hit, you will still be in blockstun for the second hit. So it’s not like you could accidentally “stop blocking” and get caught by the second hit if you blocked the first ( or am I wrong about that? )

I could see how it might be useful against armored attacks, assuming there is only one hit of armor. But, are there other reasons to use a multi-hit move as opposed to something else?

Thanks for any insight!


Depends on the move.

  • Sometimes it is to limit the damage it can do as say an anti-air.
  • Give a move more active frames to hit / catch something in a juggle
  • Armor breaking
  • Longer time to hit confirm / super cancel
  • Some games each hit counts towards some scaling so you get 1 super strong hit but the multiple hits balance out the scaling a bit.

Mostly i think it is for looks but there are other side effects that can influence your choice to use them. Normally they aren’t super great without vacuum or good enough hitboxes that they always hit. Hitting 1 hit then not being able to 100% rely on the second or later really detracts from a move so it may discourage it from being used at some ranges.


Sometimes, a version of a move with additional hits will be unsafe compared to one that doesn’t have those hits.