Whats the deal with the "updating player data"? (ps3)


every time im done with a match or go back to the main screen it says updating player data for like 5 mins…

can you turn that off? its so annoying


whats the deal with socks? you put two in the dryer, only one comes out…


Things such as this is why I hate the PS3 so much. After playing Metal Gear Solid, you get sick of that crappy console.



but yeah, this is really irritating, its why i get as much training in as much as possible and only go to the main menu when i absolutely have to


What’s really annoying is getting the “failed to connect to host” message then getting booted ALL THE WAY BACK TO THE MAIN MENU. Not to mention the loading screen you have to look at while all that is happening.


yeah the Updating player data crap is annoying…WTF is going onnnnnn


well, im on 360 and have the game installed…updating player data takes 5 seconds is it just a ps3 thing ?


Yeah, I’ve both systems, the PS3 reloads ALL the fucken time often the same thing and often taking a long time. The xbox 360 is much nicer but obviously you have to pay for gold membership but it’s well worth it.


Is this note related to licence cards? Shoryuken - Marvel vs Capcom 3 Battle Card Details

I think all data from one’s play is affects it.