What's the difference between all the different versions of MVC2?


So what is the difference between all the MVC2’s?

Obvious the arcade (Sega Naomi version) is the standard. I own it:)

So when it comes to the consoles I heard the Sega Dreamcast is the best.

So what about the other consoles:

I know in the PS3 and Xbox360, the character positions are different in the character select screen then in the arcade. I’m not sure but it seems like I saw also new moves and new animations in the PS3/Xbox360 but I’m not sure.

So any MVC2 experts out there who can elaborate on the differences in all the versions that would be nice. Thanks:)


I believe the PS2(and xbox 1 maybe) had weird assist functions. Big characters hit twice I believe? Not 100% on what it was, but I know it had to do with assists. That’s one of the things.


ps2 was also slower to my knowledge, and experience if im remembering correctly. it was years ago


DC vs Psx 2 differences


worst is the counter glitch - character who counters out can still get hit and die.
DC is slightly faster than psx 2, damage is slightly higher too.

Veikuri - if you do a super on the exact frame the assist hits the assist can hit twice. IIRC its easier on Psx 2 than DC.

EDIT - from combo section of preppy’s site.
The Super Screen Assist Glitch:
If an assist hits during the frame that the super screen flashes, that assist hits twice. These videos show that in action. This is extremely useful for all high-powered assists. Note that only Sentinel and Juggernaut assists are shown here, but it works for everyone. However, it only works on the PS2 and Xbox version of MvC2.