What's the difference between Hori FS' and HRAP's?

…besides the price i mean.

hrap’s use sanwa sticks and have quick disconnects on the buttons.

fighting sticks use cheaper sticks and have the buttons soldered to the pcb.

plus buttons on HRAP are 30mm (real sanwa)

and on the T5 there 28mm if not mistaken

does that mean modding is harder or is it outright impossible?

It’d certainly be ALOT harder.

HRAP’s on the other hand are the easiest thing to mod on the face of the earth.

its just more tricky.

If you going to use pcb inside t5 stick guess that would be harder to do (your gona have to solder)

Or you can get ps1 ds pcb with QD’s use that inside you t5 stick.

The button now you just got to get hole-saw of 30mm and cut the t5 oringal 28mm holes to 30.

About installing sanwa i dont think its hard but i think you got to mount different way.

(i have’nt modded a t5 stick so im just basing it off my general research)

the cost of modding one is about equal to just buying an hrap if you don’t have the tools to mod one.


The T5 was 30mm buttons with a little metal tab in each hole so the buttons went in so the tabs went through the pcb holes properly. While you do have to file or dremel that little tab down, it is far easier than trying to open a 28mm hole to 30mm.

Rocklee: The feel of the HRAP is far more ‘solid’ than the FS. Weightier, and well built. The HRAP is wider, so hands don’t feel so cramped (the side of my left hand rests fully on the top of the stick, while on the agetec, namco, and I assume FS, it rests on the edge which isnt as comfortable). The only possible downside of an HRAP compared to a FS is the thickness of the stick; HRAP’s are far thicker.

HRAP, especially a 2, is totally the way to go.