What's the difference between LS/DP/RS on Madcatz Fightstick?


Sorry if this has already been posted somewhere (I did look but couldn’t find anything).

I just want to know what (if any) is the difference between using the joystick as left stick, d-pad or right stick? Or more specifically what’s the difference between using the left stick or d-pad option on the joystick?

Personally I can’t see any difference (except that on d-pad works in the 360 menus), surely there must be some sort of difference or why else would they put it on.


RS is unneeded, imho.

DP works the best, strangely.


It’s useful if you play other games on XBLA or PSN.

Or for a round of CoD4. I kid you not, I played a round of CoD4 with it and was getting headshots with the sniper. Too much fun.