Whats the difference between the KOF games

I’ve been trying to find what the major differences (game system wise) between the KOFs are?

But been pretty unsuccessful. Wondering if someone could just give me a quick run down on how the game system changes from each version.


for a really detailed version? shit man that’s a huge task. try reading the faqs on gamefaqs, but each version tends to have lots of really significant changes. it’s not like GG XX -> #R -> /. Each version may as well be a completely new game. Every character either loses moves, gains moves, changes the input for moves, or changes move properties or some combination thereof. New characters are added, some characters are removed. And then the system mechanics change as well. i.e. 98 to 99 strikers were added, 2k1 to 2k2 strikers removed, 2k3 tag team added. But it goes further than that. The differences aren’t small.

Anyways, check gamefaqs for each game, some faq publishers are kind enough to denote the basic system changes between games.

Think you misunderstood, i’m not looking for every little change, just the major changes which affected how the game was played, such as strikers.

just read the stuff on gamefaqs then.

Major changes were made to the engine in:
96 (Graphics/Game system overhaul. First introduction of more close combat base characters, autoguard and non-full screen projectiles)
99 (Introduction of strikers and loss of cancellable taunts)
2002 (Introduction of special cancels in armour mode. Also changes in a lot of pad/stick motions).

98 and 2002 are generally considered to be the best two, with 2002 being a lot more combo heavy, because of the cancels you can do.
One thing I dislike about 2002 is that they made a lot of the HSDM motions unnecessarily complicated/weird.
An SNK spokesperson said a long time ago that they’d learned that real depth doesn’t come from using complicated/unique pad motions, but from gameplay changes, and that and that they were going to stick to the more standard ones from then on.
SNKP seems to be the antithesis to that though.

95: Tag-Team edit
96: Rolling, running, counter hits, very primitive max mode, air blocking
97: better rolling, all chars started to have more than 1 super. EX & ADV modes
98: basically the same system
99: Strikers, armor mode, max mode, but one cannot call out chars from background
00: same I believe
01: same I believe
02: no more strikers, orignal 3-on-3 but u still cant call ppl team mates from the background. Exceeds. MAX MODE allows you to cancel certain moves
03: Tag team, LDM moves, tag out
XI: save shifts, E button

I’ms sure I’m missing alot of crap but heh someone else can do that

95: introduction of Guard Cancel (with a maxed gauge), dodge attack, and the aforementioned Team Edit; 94’s OTG command grab bug removed.

96: Guard Cancel now replaced with CVS2’s Quick Movement; birth of the SDM, New jumps added: hop and hyper hop; Guard Crush feature added. New OTG moves, eg Daimons’s HCF+C. Multi-hitting normals bug/trick introduced.

97: A+B+C mode. Rolls now last longer, making them more useful to avoid projectiles etc. Simplified commands for specials; return of command moves, e.g Joe’s slide, Kyo’s DF+D etc. and the ability to chain into them from normals and cancel from them once chained; new Guard Cancel with C+D. Stock carrying options which were represented by the unhappy, neutral and smling faces added. Multi-hitting normals removed.

98: up to 5 stocks can now be stored in advanced mode. Players Extra Mode can now hop and gain a refined meter system. SDMs when performed during ABC mode return the player back to normal, non-maxed state. Whiffed animations for command throws added. Roulette Mode. Simplified commands removed. Refined stock management option.

99: Strikers added. Roll changed to a sliding attack, where you can also perform an attack during it. Counter Mode and Armor Mode added. the backward roll is now replaced with a very quick backdash then an automatic immediate hop forward. The hop forward can be cancelled into specials. Guard Cancels with C+D now do zero damage. Removal of teams in the background, which therefore eliminates the team assist options: help when dizzy, escaping holds etc. Meter does not carry over from one character to the next. Hidden order select. SDMs now only accessible when a stocked player is low on health.

'00: Sliding removed and the roll (and backwards roll) is now re-introduced. Strikers can now be called during special moves and throws – though 1 Striker Bomb and 1 power stock is needed to call a Striker during a throw. Stocks can now be converted into a Striker Bombs by pressing Start. Armor Mode and Counter Modes last longer. The Armor Mode and Counter Mode activation can now hit. Hidden Strikers. SDMs require 3 stocks.

01’: Refined Striker system. A ratio system similiar to CvS’ own is now present. New Wire and Counter-Wire system.

02: Striker system removed. New BC mode. HSDMs introduced. Guard Cancels now once again score damage. New A+B roll cancel from normals. Tweaked throw system. SDMs available when player is low on health.

SDMs require 3 stocks.

seriously read the move list faqs on gamefaqs for each year, their a little bit more thorough, yet less detailed than the comments here.


what? In kof2000, you do not need to be in any mode to do an SDM. You can do an SDM at any point if you have 3 stocks. The ABC(counter mode) and BCD(armor mode) waste 3 stocks. Their advantages are:

Counter mode:

  • weak attacks and jump attacks stun longer than usual if they hit
  • attacks which juggle, juggle higher
  • more damage on attacks
  • your character gets pushed back more when attacking
  • you can supercancel into any DM, even if the move that is supercancellable, whiffs
  • you CANNOT do an SDM in this mode
  • you can do an infinite number of DMs and supercancels
  • lasts for 20 seconds

Armor mode:

  • all of your attacks are uninterruptable, even jump attacks. You still get hurt if they hit you during your attacks, but you keep going
  • more damage on attacks
  • attacks stun longer (not sure about juggles going higher). Possibly stunning more than in counter mode (since I can easily do Lin infinite in armor mode but struggle in counter mode)
  • lasts shorter than counter mode (15 seconds?)
  • you cannot do DMs or SDMs in this mode
  • not sure about being pushed back

Also you need to make a distinction between striker stocks (called bombs…) and normal stocks. Calling a striker wastes a striker bomb. Taunting will convert one stock into a striker bomb. If you call a striker in the middle of a C/D throw, you also waste one stock as well as a bomb. Taunts in this game are uninterruptable.

Also, the armor or counter mode activation is unblockable, and knocks down.

Thanks alot guys, you really cleared some things up for me.

Callmeanewb, i’m not sure why you keep insisting for me to read movelists, when all i wanted was the major system changes.

cause the movelists include the system changes from year to year.




This is a 2D fighting game. You pick a team of 3 fighters, then take
on others. To win, simply knock all 3 team members of the team you are
fighting out.

As you fight, if a fighter on your team is knocked out, the next fighter
will appear on screen. This will go on until all 3 of your fighters are
knocked out. You can select the order of your fighters before a fight

You have a power bar which you can charge up by holding down the buttons
to power up charge. Also, every time the opponent attacks you (even if
you block) the power bar will go up. When it is full, the bar will say
"MAXIMUM" and flash red and yellow. This will allow you to do a super
desperation move. You cannot charge the bar when it is at max. When the
bar is charged, your normal and special moves will do more damage than
usual. When you do charge the bar up fully, it will last for around 25
seconds, or when you do a super desperation move.

You can only do your character’s super desperation move (SDM) when:

*The power bar is fully charged up.

*Your character’s health bar is flashing red and yellow.


If you do a SDM when the bar is fully charged up AND your character’s
health bar is flashing red and yellow, and the SDM hits the opponent,
it will do more damage than usual.


The most important element of the game, and most beat 'em ups in general.
Hold left when facing right and vice versa to block. Blocking means that
you will not take damage from normal attacks like punches or kicks. If
you block a special or super desperation move, you will take a little

To throw the opponent, move close to them, hold right or left, then press
either the strong punch or strong kick button (this depends on the
character). Throws do a good amount of damage. The following characters
can throw in the air: Yuri, Mai, Heidern and Benimaru.

TAUNTING: Press C when far away from opponent
This will make your opponent do a little taunt at the opponent. Taunting
will lower the opponent’s power bar, unless it is full. If you press taunt
you are opening yourself up to attack, but you can simply cancel a taunt
by pressing any button. Taunting also has the added advantage of copying
you, as in “Oh no! They’ve taunted! I’d better taunt too!” (works on human
players only!)

If you are being attacked by an opponent in a certain way (such as Chang
doing his chain throw hold on you) you can get a team mate (the team mate
must NOT have been knocked out in a previous fight though) to leap on
screen and attack the opponent with a weak attack, but it will at least
stop them from attacking you. The conditions for this to happen are:

*You must have a none-knocked out team mate on screen (duh).
*Your power bar must be less charged than the opponents.

Press the power up charge button to get a team mate to attack.

POWER UP CHARGE: Press A, B and C together and hold
When you do this your character will stand still and charge up chi,
which will fill up the power bar. Once the power bar is at maximum
your moves will do more damage and you can do a super desperation move.
You cannot charge the bar up if it is already at maximum.

EVADE: Press A and B together
This lets you dodge attacks. Try it when a projectile is thrown at
you to see what I mean.

POWER ATTACK: Press C and D together
This will make your character do a move which does good damage and will
always knock the opponent over. They are somewhat slow to do but still
very useful.

Press forward or backward twice quickly to dash forward or backward.
Very useful to evade an attack or suddenly appear close to your

The following characters can move forward when crouching:
Terry, Andy, Joe, Mai and Kim.





–> Characters that have returned : All but the USA Sports Heroes Team
–> Characters that are new : Iori Yagami, Eiji Kisaragi (AoF), Billy Cane
(Fatal Fury), Saisyu Kusanagi (Kyo’s Father)
–> The USA Sports Heroes Team is gone (most people are happy, and some are
not). But the new team has the USA stage.
–> There is now a dodge attack (some say it’s in KoF’94 too, but I haven’t
been able to do it), CD is now a knockdown, BC is now the taunt, and
there’s a new shadow jump (if anyone knows what this is good for, let
me know please).
–> There are now two bosses : Omega Rugal (yes, he’s back) and Saisyu
Kusanagi (and Kyo’s dad is back too). Saisyu is your first round
opponent and Rugal is the second round opponent. Both are usable
with the code below.
–> There is an afterimage jump (still trying to figure out what it’s for),
which makes you jump faster and farther.
–> There is air juggling to a greater extent. (It was limited in '94.)
–> There are chain combos. (I’ve yet to find all of these and how it
exactly works.)
–> Counter Attack : If your POW meter is full, you can perform a quick
counter attack with a POW special or a regular special.
–> Guard Drops : There are now Guard Drops a la World Heroes Perfect.
–> And of course the best new thing : TEAM EDIT. You can now choose your
own combination of three!!!





–> Characters that are gone : Heidern, Saisyu Kusanagi, Takuma Sakazaki,
Billy Kane, Eiji Kisaragi, and Omega Rugal
–> Characters that are new : Leona (Amazon trained by Heidern), Kasumi Todo
(AoF), Vice (Rugal’s '95 Secretary), Mature (Rugal’s '94 Secretary),
Geese Howard (FF), Mr. Big (AoF), Wolfgang Krauser (FF), Goenitz (new
boss), and Chizuru Kagura (new boss; tournament sponser)
–> 2925 total possible combinations
–> Rolling has replaced dodging
–> Move appearances vary according to buttons pressed
–> POW specials vary according to meter bar and life bar (a la Real Bout)
–> 20000 point “Straight” bonus for beating all 3 opponents with one member
–> Win streaks now recorded
–> Taunting can now be cancelled
–> Air blocking is now available
–> Three types of jumping available
–> Chain combos work like Real Bout Fatal Fury
–> Taunts have priority over power ups
–> Continous dashing
–> Guard Crushes
–> Non-MAX counter attacks




Old Characters : Everyone from '96 except Kasumi, Vice, Mature, Geese, Mr.
Big, Krauser, and Goenitz.
New Characters : Billy Kane (KoF’95, Fatal Fury), Blue Mary (Fatal Fury),
Ryuji Yamazaki (Fatal Fury), Yashiro (new), Shermie (new), Chris
(new), Orochi versions of Iori, Leona, Yashiro, Shermie, and Chris,
Shingo (Kyo’s student), '94 Kyo (KoF’94), and Orochi (stronger
version of Chris; new boss)
Two Modes of Play : Extra Mode ('95 Style) or Advanced Mode ('96 Style)
Help System revised : Depending on your teammates, you may or may not get
help when dizzy, held, etc. (see codes for details)


KOF '94 added the dodge and KOF ‘96 removed it in order to change the
game system , more offensive and including a roll . In KOF’ 97 , it
looks like SNK couldn’t choose between those two modes and decided to
let the player make his mind . So , everybody is free to choose between

a KOF’95 like mode (Extra mode) and a KOF’96 like mode (Advanced Mode ), and
this set KOF’97 as a twice as more interesting game . The two
modes are really different at every point: guard break , desperation
move and POW using , jumps etc… Extra and Advanced specificities are
the following:

Extra Mode (KOF '94 and '95 style - defensive mode )

  • Power Max allows you to increase damage of 50 %

  • Perform Desperation Moves when the lifebar flashes red

  • Dodge Using AB (note: don’t works on command throw)

  • Power gauge charge using ABC

  • Hop ( la '95 ) forward: fw , fw

  • Hop ( la '95 ) backward: bk , bk

  • Normal Jump: up , or diagonally up or back

  • HyperJump: dn , then up

  • Guard cancel: while blocking an attack , press AB or CD (note: MAX
    will decrease )

  • Quick recovery: AB as you land on the ground

  • Assist Attack: Press ABC when character is dizzy or struggling ( see
    smiley section )

  • Throw escape: tap any button (note: during a normal throw , don’t
    work on command throw e.g. Clark Goro , Shermie…)
    +Taunt: press start

    The EXTRA mode , is a real defensive one . This mode allows your
    to charge the power gauge , and consequenty to use CD or AB breakers
    more often that if you’re using the advanced system . Grabbers , are
    really advantaged in this mode : the dodge helps to use command throws .
    If the opponents passes in you back during the dodge , the command throw
    will comes out whatever is the side you performed the grab move motion .
    On the over side , the dodge must be used with care , : if your
    character is dodging at the wrong time , he could easily be grabbed or
    throwed . CD breaker could be used to knock down an opponent , and in
    while he’s getting up , you have the time to MAX you power gauge , up to
    70-80 % . The lifebar also flashes red , so DM could be use more often
    too . Dodge can be used to the infinite .

Advanced mode ( KOF’96 style - aggressive mode )
+ Power Max allows you to increase your damages of 25%
+ The lifebar doesn’t flashes red
+ Roll: fw + AB or bk + AB

  • Power gauge charge when hit or attack

  • Store three crystals in the gauge , press ABC to MAX , then perform
    Desperation Move (note: needs at least two crystals: this will empty the
    first one , and the second is used for DM . It means two crystals for
    Super Desperation Move ) .

  • Dash forward: fw , fw

  • Run: fw , fw then hold fw

  • Dash backward: bk , bk

  • Hop: tap diagonally up or back

  • Hyper Hop dn , tap up (note: works diagonally too)

  • Normal jump: up , or diagonally up or back

  • Hyper jump: tap dn then up (note: works diagonally too)

  • Guard cancel: while blocking an attack , press AB or CD (note: uses a
    crystal stored)

  • Quick recovery: AB as you land on the ground

  • Throw escape: tap any button (note: during a normal throw , don’t
    work on command throw e.g. Clark Goro , Shermie…)

  • Assist Attack: Press ABC when character is dizzy or struggling (
    depends of your team mate - see smiley section for details )
    +Taunt: start

    ADVANCED is the perfect mode for people who like to … attack !
    As you can’t charge your meter , you always need to attack , if you

wants to use your DM/breakers . You also need to be careful with
breakers , because breaking use a crystal so , if you’re breaking , it’s
in order to trigger a combo or to perform an efficient string of attacks.
The hyper hop jump is also perfect to kill (mentaly ) your opponent
with pressing . Hyper hop really help in approaching the opponent , so
that you have more opportunities to combo . Rolling is a cool way to
approach the opponent , but you need to be very carefull using it , as
every rolling character can be hit , or grabbed/throwed . DM and crouch
lights seldom helps you understanding that rolling must be used with
care …

Basic Gameplay

=> KOF '96/'97

First you must notice that a lot of little changes allows KOF 97 to be a
really different of KOF 96 .
General basic moves are slower , especially CD attack , but still can be
cancelled into special moves . It’s now hard to juggle in counter with a
CD attack . Taunt action is triggered off by start button , this also
means that the opponent power doesn’t decrease no more .Chain combos
appeared and set KOF as a combo based game for a lot of charcters such
as Terry . And '95 command attacks are back !


Learn to use the priorities of your character . Anti air priority , and
air to air priority . Some special moves or basic attacks are stronger
than others . If you know that , you can attack or defend yourself ,
with more care and efficiency . A little example : you’re playing as
Yamazaki , and your opponent is King . King owns a very good low C ,
with great anti air priority , BUT Yamazaki owns the advantage on the
King’s low C . So if Yamazaki try a jumped C on King whereas she’s
performing her low C , Yamazaki will hit King , but King WON’T hit
Yamazaki ! . You also have to notice that some kind of specials/(S)DM
moves are overprioritizing every others attacks : that’s the case of the
command throws ( see the matching section ) .

=> Power MAX

Power MAX property . When your power gauge reaches MAX point , you can
of course perform DM . But don’t forget that MAX also increase your
strength a normal hit can damage up to 25-50% more (depending of the
mode ) . Thats the only reason why SDM exists and are so dangerous ! So
think about MAX-ing in your strategy … This is also important in the
choice of your playing mode : the same combo , MAXed , will produce
different damages following EXTRA or ADVANCED mode … More , the MAX
allow you to use breakers .

=> Breakers

In KOF’97 there are two kinds of breakers , that you can perform
provided the power gauge is at MAX , or that you own a crystal stored .
If you use the breaker , the MAX decrease or the crystal is used . The
AB breakers allows to roll forward or backward during a blocked attack .
It is very interesting , especially because you can break an pass in the
opponent’s back to attack him/her . This can be very useful on very long
attacks , such as Robert/Ryo’DM like : as it is a very important DM ( in
terms of hits , and of time ) it is easily possible to break .
The CD breaker knocks down the opponent . Again , the CD breaker must be

a strategic choice , or a desesperate attack , if your life meter is
very low . More, the damage involved is very low . Another way to use
the CD breaker is a counter combo , or to escape from pressings . If the
counter message appears as you’re breaking with CD , you can try to
juggle witha special/DM : e.g. Benimaru can juggle with the QCFx2 + P DM
after his CD breaker .

=> Grabbs (Command throws)

In construction .

=> Desperation Moves / Super Desperation Moves

Like every special move , DM should be combo -ed to be really 

usefull and to maximize damages . There are differents kinds of DM in
KOF , with differents properties :

  1. Projections of energy/projectiles like DM : this include for example
    Kyo’ Serpent Wave or Terry’s Power Geyser and Haoh Sho Koh Ken . About
    Power Geyser like , an important feature is the anti air use of those
    attacks . It is also possible to cancel others attacks of this sort such
    as Haoh Sho Koh Ken and less powerfull projectiles . Finally , you can
    most of times add it in juggle combos .

  2. Multiple attacks like DM : including DM such as Ryo/Robert’s once .
    Very interesting for the block damage , if the opponent is actually in
    guard . It might trigger a guard crush , and the other attacks following
    the one who caused the crush will hence hit the opponent , so really
    think about add this in your corner traps , and general pressing
    strategy . Unless the opponent is MAXed , you can enable the (S)DM to
    finish him/her with the block damage tactic .

  3. Throws/Grab like DM : DM such as Goro/Clark . Generally , you must be
    close to the opponent to throw/grab him . A very good point of those
    grabs are that it owns huge priority on every other attack , like an
    aspiration phenomenom . But some like Clark’s Running Spree must be
    performed at good range (he runs , then grabs ) . For further
    information about command throws using , refer to the matching section .

  4. One hit like DM : such as Ralf’s Galactica Phantom . On the whole
    those are really hard to pull off and result in huge damage , especially
    at the SDM state . Therefore there are two ways to success in with it .
    First , combo it , if it is possible of course . Since it isn’t possible,
    it’s only a question of pure stategy ( sorry ) : e.g , see the Ralf’s
    Galactica Phantom comment .

  5. DM wich the first attack must hit to be triggered : Leona’s V
    Slasher . The comment is alike the one hit DM like : combo it if it’s
    possible , or be good , guy !

Finally , the air guard won’t block (S)DM : it cannot be blocked , if
you’re in the air …\




Returning Characters : Kyo, Benimaru, Goro, Terry, Andy, Joe, Ryo, Robert,
Yuri, Leona, Clark, Ralf, Athena, Sie, Chin, Mai, King, Kagura, Kim, Choi,
Chang, Yashiro, Shermie, Chris, Yamazaki, Blue Mary, Billy, Iori, Mature,
Vice, Takuma, Heidern, Saishu, Lucky, Heavy D, Brian, Rugal B, Shingo,
Orochi Yashiro, Orochi Shermie, Orochi Chris, Omega Rugal

  • Non-returning Characters : Orochi Leona & Orochi Iori make appearances
    in one of their SDM moves; Eiji shows up in in an opening pose of Billy’s;
    Mr. Big is in a stage background; Kasumi, Goenitz, Geese, Krauser, Orochi
    are absent.
  • Four colors to choose from now.
  • Most characters have at least one new move (most being a finisher).
  • Altered versions of old stages from previous KoF games are used.
  • New 4th Win Pose.
  • Random teammate : You can now have a random teammate for each match.

this was good too, for character changes: http://db.gamefaqs.com/coinop/arcade/file/king_of_fighters_98.txt


Advanced Mode

Emergency Escape (Forward) AB
Body Toss CD
Max out meter (1 stock required) ABC

  • Damage of all skills increase 1.25 times when power bar is a maximum.
  • Order of Characters in match affects the number of stocks left.
  • If character is friendly towards next fighter in lineup, one stock would
    be gained when the next fighter fights. All previous stored stocks would
    remain. If character is neutral towards next fighter in lineup, then no
    stocks are gained. Previously stored stocks would remain behind when next
    character fights. If character is angry with the next fighter in lineup,
    then all remaining stocks are lost.
  • Power bar is charged up by use of skills and blocking.
  • SDM can be performed when all 3 stocks are maxed out.


Extra Mode

Incursion Aversion Move AB
Body Toss CD
Charge Power Hold ABC

  • Damage of all skills increases 1.5 times when power bar is at maximum.
  • When about 1/8 of life is life, life bar starts to flash. DM’s can then
    be performed continuously without charging power bar.
  • If life bar is flashing and power bar is at max, SDM’s would be performed
    when the commands for DM’s are used.




KOF99 adopt a new system where it combines both the EXTRA and ADVANCE
modes from previous series. For example, tapping f,f will make your
character run forward, tapping b,b will do a backward hop. The first
running feature is of ADVANCE mode while the later hopping belongs
to EXTRA mode. There are more…

Forward Slide : ADVANCE; Rolling.
Dodge Slide : Instead of EXTRA stationary dodging, combines with
ADVANCE rolling to form sliding backwards then
forwards to dodge short ranged attacks.
Sliding Attack : EXTRA; Dodge attack.
Power Gauge : ADVANCE; Charges when you executes moves or getting
hit. Can charge up to a maximum of three stocks.
However the stocks will not be pass over to the next
Life Bar : EXTRA; Player automatically MAX out when low in blood.
DM will become SDM when MAXed.

The new system however still retains other features of the previous
series with some tweakings and improvements…

Jumps : Same; Still three types of jumps available. Small
(hop), Medium (normal) or Big jumps. The longer you
hold the upward direction the bigger will be the jump.
Guard Cancel : Same; Sliding will become Guard Cancel if done while
blocking. Still used to slide behind the opponent
while he is doing a combo and instead you combos him
back. Uses one stock.
Counter : Tweak; CD will become Counter if done while blocking.
Still used to fend off the opponent pressure. However
in KOF99, Counter will not injure the opponent. Uses
one stock.
Desperation Moves: Same; However automatically becomes SDM when MAXed.
Both DM and SDM uses one stock.
Guard Crush : Same; Player’s guard will be broken and unable to
block for a while if previously had blocked opponent’s
attacks too much.
Striker : Improvement; First time change of the old friendly
assist feature over the years. Striker stocks begins
with three and increase by one for every new player
character comes to fight. Depending on who you had
chosen to become the striker, they can help you attack
the opponent, helps to chain combos, grabs and opens
the opponent for combos, fend off the opponent
attacks or even heals the player. Depending on how you
use your strikers, you can confuse the opponent,
making higher chances to do overlap jump in combos or
the infamous empty jump then hit lows combos or even
simply dash in command throws. Possibilities are

Althought the new system combined the best of both worlds, it itself also
introduces new features and thus escalates the potential types of game

Counter Mode : When activated, the player will flash in red for about
30 seconds. While in this mode, the player…
- cannot do Counters
- DMs have longer startup lag
- unlimited stocks for DMs
- moves can be canceled into DMs
- Slide Attacks can be comboed
Armor Mode : When activated, the player will flash in yellow for
about 10 seconds. While in this mode, the player…
- cannot block nor Counters
- cannot do DMs
- will not be stunt or fall when hit
- moves can be executed right after being hit
- Slide Attacks knocks down like CD

These modes each requires three stocks and the Power Guage will be
disabled after the mode deactivates. Meaning the player will not be able
to do certain features that requires stock for the rest of the round.
For example, Counters, Guard Cancel and executing DM.

Anyways, enough of that. It’s not that hard to filter out the good information from gamefaqs.


Last I checked Vanessa (except as a striker, in which case you can’t do her DM anyway) wasn’t in 99. Make sure you’re testing the right game. Either way, I always take gamefaqs with a grain of salt.

Crap, thought that description was for 2000…never mind. I don’t know anything about 99 besides that strikers exist.

Was that for me?

No, Callmeanewb


In 94’-96’…taunting your opponent lowers his super meter.
From 97’ on, that is no longer the case, but there are strikers in 99’-01’ that CAN taunt to lower your foe’s super meter or charge yours.

From 96’-99’…ALL supers have a DM and SDM version. From 2000 on, each character only has one SDM, the other supers are DM only. In 2001, 2002, and Neowave, it gets mixed…not all Supers have multiple versions. Some are DM only, and some still are SDM only.
In 2003 and XI, non-leader characters only have access to DMs.

Ryo, Kula, Lin and possibly some others have multiple SDMs.