What's the difference with Madcatz SSF4 fightstick TE and Round 2?

I was going to buy one of the MadCatz SSF4 Arcade Fightsticks Tournement Edition - Round 2, but the regular TE is cheaper.

I’ve heard some of of them tend to break, but the TE are much more reliable. But what is the difference between the TE and the TE Round 2? Is there a difference in parts? The price difference is almost a third so I wanted to know before I commit.


FAQs and stickies are our friends.

Round 1 TE.
Red IV Street Fighter Art work on the panel.
Issues with the PCB/ Main PCB

Round 2 TE
Alternate SF Art work
Improved PCB
Used as the basis for other Mad Catz themed TEs Including Marvel vs Capcom 2, Marvel vs Capcom 3, BlazBlue, Street Fighter Fem Fatal, Comic-Con TE and the Gold Evo TE.

The White (Asian) TE is a Round 1 TE

Other themed TE sticks are mostly the TE-S including the limited edition Chun Li, MLG, Soul Calibur V and Tekken Hybrid.

Both the Round 1 and Round 2 sticks are discontinued
What is still being produced are the TE S+, The Pro and the V.S. sticks, all with improved body construction and improved PCBs from the Round 2 and TE-S sticks.

Note I posted sticks that are purposely left out of the guide as they are limited edition collectors items.

Thanks for the reply guys.

When you say the Pro, do you mean the Mad Catz Street Fighter X Tekken Arcade Fight Stick Pro?

Sorry about all the questions, I don’t understand the abreviations. =p