Whats the diffrence between this years TE stick and last years?

Also which is better the madcatz TE sticks or the hrap3sa? A friend is willing to sell me the TE from last year for $90, should i take his offer or buy a hrap3 or the new TE?

do a search on this, as many people before you have asked this question before.

there is also a thread for the new TE “S” version that explains the differences. No need to create a new thread for this, when that one is already there. :slight_smile:

can you give me a link to the thread on on the new te

imporved PCB, different art and and sides, and no more bezel.

i would, but its on the first page of this forum. did you look for it?

Super Street Fighter IV Arcade FightStick Tournament Edition “S” - CES 2010 is the name of the thread.

  • Revised PCB
  • Full top art panel
  • “S” Side Panels
  • Lock switch now locks out Start & Select/Back buttons
  • Two different designs (Black & White)