Whats the easiest dual mod?


Hi this is my first time posting on srk, im going to build my own stick and im gonna buy the acrylic case from arts hobbies i want my stick to be dual mod ive seen a guy that he used a ps3 controller and a xbox 360 pcb, what i want to know is what is the best and easiest dual mod and where can i buy the parts? This is my first time but im willing to learn thanks!


Easiest Dual mod with a custom case would be a Toodles ChImp board and a (Xbox 360) Mad Catz Fight Pad (ether Street Fighter or WWE Brawl would work).
You can order the Chimp from Toodles (see the link in his signature) and Mad Catz Fight pads can be found in any local retail store that sells video games.

The Chimp is a very straight forwards board and easy to install, no need for a switch or imp as the Chimp autodetects.
The Xbox 360 version of the Mad Catz Fight pad is common ground, and does not require trigger inversion (hack triggers).

A easier mod would be with a Xbox 360 TE and a Kitty (also sold by Toodles) Assuming your dual-modding a Mad Catz TE.
But your going with a Art Hobbies case, so your best bet is the chimp.


This wont work for what you are wanting with the acrylic case and all but I am going to also recommend a TE stick (new or used) and go with a TE kitty just for overall ease… I recently bought a TE kitty from Toodles (it upgrades a xbox TE stick and makes it dual moded for xbox and PS3)… works great for what i need. Last year, actually almost 2 yrs ago, i had pad hacked a PSX controller and put it in the Xbox TE for PS and PS2 games only… Then i peaked in on the Tech Talk section last week and found out about the TE Kitty… I ordered one and installed it, also lets me wire up a ethernet cable to tons of older systems (dreamcast, ps and ps2, snes, genesis). Very happy. I have not wired up the older systems yet but its a great option, and I need to to retain my PS and PS2 fight stick capability…

Have fun, with your project.


In a custom box, if you just want PS3 and Xbox360, get a paewong or PS360.
If you’re dealing with an existing off the shelf arcade stick, or want more than just those two, then you should look at some of the stuff I put out.


custom case - paewang or ps360


Thanks guys for the help is the toodles chimp smd a upgrade from the original?


Yes. Hit the FAQs in the first post of the Cthulhu/Chimp thread, theres a question asking about the differences.
Don’t get me wrong, I like making sales, but for what you are asking for, and your status as a new modder, I still say getting a paewong pcb and wiring it up will be easier and more rewarding for you overall. Get that under your belt before you start digging into the harder stuff.


Just in case you’d like to know how to install a Paewang…


O so those r your products thats so sick! But u kno what im going to look into that thanks so much for the help im gonna post some fotos of my stick when im done uguys have been so helpful.