What's the easiest way to dual-mod a 360 SE stick?

I have a modded SE stick for my 360 that I used for SF4 and SSF4. I bought MvC3 for my PS3 because more of my friends that I actually know bought it for PS3 also. I don’t want to buy a new stick for my PS3 since I heard that you can mod it to work for both consoles. I’ve done a little bit of research, but I don’t know where to start. It seems kind of overwhelming and there’s so many methods. I just want to know what the easiest method would be.

Teasy strike.

all you need is a screwdriver. no soldering iron or anything like that at all

Yep, TEasy + Dual Strike

A note, TEasy is not the same as TEasy Strike. Teasy Stike doesn’t require an additional board to be used with. It was designed for the TE, but since they use the same PCB, then it will fit the SE PCB just fine. Here is where you can find full info and how to install: http://shoryuken.com/f177/official-teasy-thread-teasy-strike-here-234867/

You need a screwdriver and something to clip the PCB with a bit. If you can find some cheap diagonal nose pliers laying around, they’d be perfect.

can I ask why the TEasy over the PS360? Is it just a preference, The ps360 seems easy as hell with several video walk throughs

TEasy is easier. PS360 requires cutting wires and such. TEasy strike just requires to be screwed onto the 360 PCB, and you’re done. No wires to fiddle with, no need to clip wires, and there is also a comprehensive install video:


TEasy strike also has autodetection, PS360 does not.

Just a quick addition, PurpleArms has just put up a new video he posted in my thread detailing the differences between the old TEasy Mod and the new TEasy Strike. He’s also been kind enough to show some examples of the different parts of the intallation, such as aligning the pins and utilizing the new punch terminals.

TEasy Strike over ps360 for dual mods with an existing 360 TE pcb is easier because you’re not replacing the pcb and doing any rewiring.