What's the easiest way to hit confirm?

i’m having consistency problems with hit confirming chun’s c.fwd into super. i don’t know why but sometimes i can clearly see the c.fwd hit, and do super, but in about 1 out of 2 i will fail hit confirm by reacting too late to a hit, and in about 1/4 that i do react to, they are blocked, not hit. i’m looking for tips, so if you’re good at this hit confirm, post how you developed it.

something i’ve noticed, i guess it’s kinda obvious though: when i hit them standing, it’s easier to confirm, just cuz their character is standing. i have a hard time hit confirming against crouching characters in particular.

another thing: i’ve tried focusing in on certain cues, like sound difference when the kick hits or when it’s blocked, or the obvious visual cues of the opponent going into hit stun. one problem with sound cues is that i go into super when they parry, cuz it sounds more like a hit than a block. i guess on sound cues alone you could hit confirm with your eyes closed…does anyone practice like this?

and i’m just not very good at detecting when the opponent goes into hit stun by visual cues alone. i’ve tried a holistic approach too, integrating sight and sound, but this hasn’t worked well either, cuz i feel like there’s too much to look out for.

i’ve also tried looking at the opponent’s lifebar. when the kick hits, the effect on the lifebar is immediate, and this has been by far the easiest way for me to hit confirm. it worked well in training mode, but when i played a match, i found it hard to take my eyes off the characters to glance at the lifebar every time i threw out a c.fwd. does anyone use this method successfully?

everyone talks about this hit confirm like it ain’t no shit, but i find it very hard to do at a high %, as in every c.fwd goes to super with no fuck ups. any suggestions or tricks? or is practice the only answer? does random guard in training mode dummy help or is the best way to play actual matches over and over?

Constantly pull out qcf*2 motion slowly after c.mk , doesnt matter if it hits or not, just do it and press the kick button accordingly. Try to always cancel it at the last moment possible. (you should be able to notice / feel it) Practice mode or against computer should do it after a while.

well, it is conceived as an easy hit confirm, but the word “easy” is relative to the subject. It’s easy compared to Ken’s cMK hit confirm, but it’s definitely harder than short, jab, short super with Ken. It’s not like a thing you can do on the spot if you never had tried before.
You have to have high reflexes (so you need lots of concentration and focus, many things can destroy the ability to hitconfirm even if you normally could do that, like being sleepy (sleepyness kills reflexes), overdrinking, being in a discomfortable position, etc.
The lifebar (score, also) method can be easy but I wouldn’t try it on match. The best way imho is to take attention on both the hit sound effect AND the hitstun reeling animation of the opponent. The first thing yopu notice, it’s the confirmation you need.
Of course doing the qcf*2 anyway when you hit cMk helps, so you have to only hit another K when you see/hear the hit, and not to do the whole motion.
Try diffrenet ways anyway, what works for you may be different than what works for someone else.

In doin a qcf motion press down+MK then immeadiately follow it with a forward motion…then do qcf again press the MK button only if the first attack hits.

You can also hit confirm using back+HP and even a close range HK can be confirmed… But you should try one step at a time.

Practice is still the best way to get it.

back+HP is a bit harder to hit confirm than cMK
standing close HK is the easiest since you have tons of time to see if it hits, BUT you have to master the SJSC motion. (so it’s the easiest regarding confirming the hit, but the hardest regarding execution)

also keep in mind hit confirming is easier on the actual arcade 3S, the PS2/Xbox ports are a bit faster, making the hit confirms harder.

Any proof of this? Not trying to be a dick but I don’t feel any differences between PS2 and arcade and I play everyday.
Now as far as the hit confirming, try doing the actual motion for the super faster. I wish I would verbally speak to you over the internet , the timing for this is engrained in my brain. You press the MK button and then immidiatly do the super motion. It takes practice, but once you get it youll be able to do them in your sleep , I promise. Just go to training mode, set it to No Guard, super meter to Maximum, and just keep trying. Good luck :tup:

Generally, I can notice this in hit confirming Chun’s c. mk. Don’t have any proof on me, just that I can more easily confirm on the arcade than at home.

thanks for the responses everyone.

it’s still really tough for me to detect a successful c.fwd on a crouching opponent. i don’t have problems with executing the late cancel - i am using 360 motion to time the double fb now, and i find that it’s easier that way. it’s hit confirmation that i have a problem with.

anyway, i’ll keep practicing, and hopefully i’ll get it down.

I’m not sure if it was mentioned, but what I do is.

I stick out a cr. mk when appropriate, and then input the 2 QCF’s, if the mk is blocked or parried, then I just don’t press anything.

If the mk hits, then I just piano the kicks - and booyeah.

^^yeah man I piano the kicks as well, I didnt even realize I did that till you mentioned it, it does help. Another piece of advice: When you start getting it to work, youll see that the 2 kick presses that are needed for this combo come almost right after another. Its this fact that leads me to question the 360 strategy, as it takes more time, unless youre good with that double 720 motion(and I know plenty people are). Learning to do this is all about learning exactly how the timing FEELs , once you get it you wont loose it.
Dont be discouraged if it takes a while to get it down. I actually stopped using SA2 for a while and used Kiokosho, simply cause I couldnt hit confirm, but the power of SA2 is just too important a part of Chuns game to sacrifice, and I sat down one and over the course of I think 2 days, maybe a little less, I learned how to do it. As I said once you get it youll see how easy it is, and thats what makes it so dangerous:)

its not a double 720 motion, you do one qcf then spin the stick in a 360 (so it winds up being a 540), trying it that way always scrubbed me up though and I would mash the buttons and get the super hit confirm or not. Now I just do two seperate qcf’s and I hit confirm super about 90% of the time.

Ah ok I see what you mean. I suppose thats a good way to learn the timing between the 2 presses of kick, but Id still say the regular 2 qcf way is more reliable, works for me about 90-95% of the time , and when I miss its obvious why.