Whats the frame advantage after a backthrow + H lunge punch?



I’m just wondering, since this is something I’ve gotten into the habit of doing lately, but I am curious as to if it is actually + on block or -2 or what.

I know that it must be at least -2 or better since I can still block shoryu reversals but not sure just how good it is so I don’t know if I can throw out a meaty for wakeup or what.

Can also throw/tech throws if they try to throw on wakeup. With a little bit of testing it seems like if I try to throw they can 3 frame jab me out of it. Does that make it -2?


Kens super is 2 frames, so you can test that way. Gief U1 is 1 frame, so you can test with that also. Not sure of the answer myself and I’m not near a setup.


Guess its -2, kens super punishes it


In general you should use MP lunge if you want to close distance since you’re left at even frames and are at a good distance for whiff punish or neutral jump divekick.


I use mp lunge, and lp shoulder online because I don’t trust lag spikes…