What's the game plan vs Yun? is it still a 4-6 matchup?

I’ve been playing Rose for one year but have very little experience with this matchup because my friends don’t play him. Any advice?

Focus backdash, an ocasional Soul Throw, but your best option is to shut down the opponent’s jump-in attacks: often tech throws by pressing cr.lp+cr.lk+cr.hp when your opponent recklessly dive kicks at you (don’t abuse this and don’t follow up after a successfull cr.hp hit, simply backdash); st.hp at a medium distance after a jump in. Soul piede+soul spiral immediately after Yun’s wake up sometimes works, I believe.

backdash after c.hp? it’s -10 on hit.

This matchup is really not fun. Easily one of her more annoying ones.

The good thing is Yun takes a lot of damage. I like to use st.MK from mid-range to beat out most of his crouching attacks, as well as st.HK to catch Yun’s as they try to jump. Instant jump forward HP does pretty well on Yun’s looking to dive kick, though they can beat this out with a neutral j.HP if they catch on. It’s one of those match-up’s that I never really had a solid gameplan in. I just try to look for whatever opening I can find and stay out of the corner as much as possible.