What's the general census on KOF2003?


Last KOF to be developed for the old Neo Geo hardware. Never had a chance to play it myself but I believe it was the first one with the tag in and out system. What’s the general opinion of it?


as far as i’m concerned this game sucks hard.
the commands dont respond very well, the animations suck, the tag system doesnt work properly (XI is far better), there is no CD!!
the only thing i like is the sprites for Yamazaki and Billy…


Doesn’t nearly everyone hate this game?

Now Fiol, about the controls, I find them to be too responsive. It’s very sloppy like that. I got moves to come out when I wanted though.

Honestly though the best thing about 03 was this:

Other KOF games need a video guide like that.


I dunno what to say. Everytime i try to play clark or ralf or another grappler the controls dont respond as i want (emulator and ps2 version). Iori,Kyo and Kim are really “easy” to use here that’s true but the grapplers my god…

btw… woah never saw those videos… thx!


the general census is: trash lol

really this game is the worst kof, feels very mugenish, no CD, the backgrounds are awefull, some are no even finished!!


oh oh the stages…i nearly forgot them… damn they are awful!
i just liked the one with choi as cameo ahah (the ps2 3d stages are worse though)


Decent. Not a horrible fighter, it isn’t on the level of Ballz or anything. But it’s not very good. I love the controls, nice and fluid, and incredibly responsive. I also enjoy the MOTW characters. But it’s buggy, the tag system isn’t as fluid as XI, and it just feels average overall. Way better than 99 or 2001 though, I think that goes without question. Que the Homo-Genius clips:




a lot of the nuances of the previous engine (97-2k2) were outright removed, with not much to replace it. had good cast variety though.


Oh come on.

There were far worse KOFs than 2003. That’s not even debatable…


The “arranged” PS2 version is all right.
Still no reason to play it over XI, unless you REALLY love Jhun, Chang and Daimon.


Basically KOF 2003 is to KOFXI what KOF 12 will be to KOF 13…


well yeah but really this is not good at all, feels very incomplete but maybe because i didn´t give it some time… played like 2-3 times the most


I can’t really remember but were there any special intros for Ash against Kyo or Chizuru?

Kyo and Iori had one of course and I don’t think Ash not reacted to Iori.


This game brought in a lot newcomers however, most arcade players rather play kof 2k2 then 2k3…also, most 2k3 arcade cabinet has problem executing the ulti qcb,qcf command


Guess this is our 2K3 thread more or less?

Had casuals yesterday for some reason or other (Hatred Edge is gonna kill me when he sees this). Playlist:

YouTube - Broadcast Yourself.


a) same engine as SVC and NGBC.
b) Duo Lon.

I remember special victory lines against everyone, including Maki (first place where it was confirmed Ash has no soul).


emil uploaded some really nice japanese matches on his channel… good stuff!
i tried today to mess around with the game… i cant use the tag system properly and i still think that the controls suck.


it’s alright, not the best game out there but certainly not the worst!


GGs to Whitman. Having played it against another human being, I can understand why people say the controls are slippery. I’m just glad I can pull off Iori’s Rekkas’ with ease, but for whatever reason it’s hard to get Kyo’s Rekka’ going, most of the time I get his srk, which is equally retarded.

Just to reiterate: It’s not a horrible game. It’s a really decent fighter for the most part, but there’s some really dumb shit that holds it back. I’m going to use this as practice for when KOF XI gets emulated, which can’t come soon enough. It’s been almost a year since an update for Demul (atomiswave emulator) and there’s been no word since.


I can’t see how anyone could say the controls suck on 2K3 and play stuff like 98 or pre-98. Just…no way.