whats the hardest combo you’ve pulled off in a match?


Is your keyboard broken?

Um… cr.mp, f.hurricane kick, jp, activate, running sak, f. hurricane kick, jp, lk, shoryuken, or whatever she calls it.

yeah it’s broken, but i just fixed it

CVS2 K rugal vs a dizzy sagat.

From end of screen…slow fire ball…run into jump kick… standing roundhouse…into god press…into kick super.

c.lk, c.lp, activate, s.lk, s.mk, s.hk, shoshoshoshoshoshoshoshoshoshoshoshoshoshoshoshoshoshoshoshoshososhoshosho, hurricain kick, s.lp, c.mp xx sho

K Groove Sagat

:d: :hp: :qcb: :qcb: :hp:

I win

c. short, c. jab, c. short, c. roundhouse, hurricane kick x2, qcf. x2 + strong, qcf. x2 + jab.

Evil Ryu’s most powerful combo(to me anyway) in CvS1.

Mvc2 s.lp,Sap Out :tup: :tup:

with sent. RP x HSF x launch short x fly x short x unfly x short x fly short x fierce x un fly x short x fly x short x fierce x in to mag proj assist and some other shit looked cool

c. lk, c. mk, back hand + storm a xxx sonic break, wave dash x 4, sonic break, wave dash x 4 sonic break, c. lk, c. mk, sommersault justice, dhc hail


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Hmmm, does the CPU count? As of recently, I’ve pulled off about 14 reps of Magneto’s ROM on XMVSF …on the KEYBOARD

Alright, I’m done spamming =P

Meaty c FP, C FP, then super… kills em’ every time. :clap:

raven’s knee links in tk5… so hard… I get it once in a full moon :[

GGXX: Baiken in corner- matt (frc) IAD, Dust, land… wait, (5) HS, matt (frc), IAD, Dust, land, (sj) S, dust, AD, S, Dust… into a comboed air throw… reset dust loop.

Blue Mary’s %100 in '97.

wat type of idiots get hit by a meaty c fp :clap:

^^The ones who tries to reversal and fail in kof

Ones that try & do Ralf’s “Ralf kick” @ the wrong time.

cvs2 RYu.cross-up short jab mk shinku hadoken

I pulled off a bunch of crazy Storm resets in a row on really shitty controls at my local arcade (I’m not an amazing MvC2 player, either).

I pulled off Sakura’s standing infinite on a really good Sent player. Hahahah, it was awesome. I jumped up (This was a hopeless match, I was messing with low tiers, and he comes in with fucking Sent/Storm/someone else) and managed to land a j.lk, j.lk, j.hk and I was like “hahahah YES!” and started the infinite. The infinite’s not hard to do, but catching a good sent on the ground like that is obviously top tier.

Heh, oh how I hate higher level MvC2. >_>

I can’t really think of anything besides MvC2 crap…

On the same shitty ass controls, playing tier whores, with Cammy:

j.hk, dash in, s.hk, ^, sj.hk, hk cannon drill xx KBA, dash forward as they roll, cancel it, backdash and hold back (weird crossover), c.lk, up to KBA again.

Not a combo, AND it gets everyone, but shhhh.