What's the Highest Level of Education You Have?

I’ve always been curious about this, specifically with the posters on this website.

So what level did you stop your education at? If you studied a specific field, please share.

As for myself, I have a bachelor’s degree in Communications with a focus in journalism and I have a minor in English Lit. Thought about going for my master’s in political science and marketing, but I didn’t see the point. Well, marketing would probably net me a nice bump in pay but also make it hard for me to get hired.


I have my Bachelors. I’m considering moving toward my Masters. Not sure if I will yet.

I have a JD (obviously).

My undergrad was Bio with a minor in History. I wish I was a scientist instead of a lawyer.

Currently working on MA in Military History(planning to join military)

BA in Anthropology, Minor in Computer Science

I am an Engineer on Computational Systems and Computational Science

you can never stop learning, if you choose too, otherwise my fries are not hot enough

Tell me more.


Though I should note that some of the smartest people I’ve ever met are dropouts, and some of the dumbest have university degrees.

Also fuck school.

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Bachelor’s in History. I want to get a Master’s Degree in something else though.

Also, educated in Thuganomics



Pre-school. Saw that shit was a scam and dipped.



Working on my second AS, Major in Accounting, have to go back for my bachelors now and considering double majoring in accounting and management.

The BasedGod’s Layer

Master’s in Anthropology with a focus on Archaeology. I work as an archaeologist. I haven’t killed any Nazis yet, but I’m always on the lookout.



Scientists require strong reasoning, problem solving, and analytical skills, with an ability to separate the empirical from bullshit. The mantle would suit you ill.

Beware the Nazi mutants. They make no alert noise and can fire quickly from the guns mounted in their chests.

Tech school for automotive, and settled for a diploma for ski business, instead of the full on business associates(couldn’t handle an instructor that was teaching a general writing class, I was very close on losing it to punching her in the throat).

What would you know, you can’t even finish school and whine about how you hate it, because you suck at it, just like everything else. It’s probably because of that brain cancer you have that you can’t actually reason or observe at a normal human level.

Working on my PHD.

I’m currently working on doing my Advanced Engineering degree, looking to go for a doctorate. Finished the mandatory highschool years as well as the optional ones.

Bachelors in Business Administration, with a focus on management

Not in a hurry to go after a Masters at this moment in time

Highschool drop out, found an asian sugar mamma & is living the good life.