What's the Highest Level of Education You Have?

And that he’s fat and doesn’t look like a high schooler.

Masters degree in computer science. The best part about it, alot of my coworkers just found out I had a master’s and we’re in complete shock. I want to say it was alittle bit of racial profiling… I’m black, and most of my coworkers are middle aged white guys.

It is what it is, my advice, anyone in a position to get a master’s and is contemplating it, do it.

AS in Computer Science, working on Bachelor’s. For the record I turned 29 recently.

Does not compute.

Holy shit dude you look much younger than that, I would’ve guessed at highest 24-25

Got my Bach in Computer Science last year due to me messing around in school a few years and just got into IT in the last 2 years. I’m just turned 30 and should have been on this road much earlier. It’s all on how you want to see it really education can be expensive or cheap route it by getting by on knowledge and smarts. Either way i say further yourself in any form to make yourself better is what i say. You’ll thank yourself later you did something then nothing at all.

LOL I get this a lot. People are always mindfucked when I tell them my age :stuck_out_tongue: