Whats the ideal button layout for the madcatz stf4 tournament stick? please help


ideal tournament edition arcade stick button layout?


Use the standard arcade layout.

Top row: jab(lp) , strong(mp) , fierce(hp)
Bottom row: short(lk), forward(mk), roundhouse(hk)

I believe that Type-A config will cover that (with the addition of 3P and 3K for the fourth buttons on each row).


yeah, going left to right top to bottom

Top row: lightpunch, med. punch, heavy punch, 3x punch
Btm row: light kick, med. kick, heavy kick, 3x kick

this is the way most arcades are set up (the light, med, heavy punch/kick) and it has been working for 10’s of years.


This guy can’t be serious.


the ideal layout it hp. just press that


Do people actually use 3x punch/kick?? I don’t assign my last 2 buttons to anything.


raises hand I do. I just never got around to changing it.


Michigan, eh? I’m from Ann Arbor originally.


i do… but only for ultra’s.

nothing worse than knowing you can win if you can just hit that ultra, and POW, ex-something.




That’s why I always have my 3p and 3k options on. :smile:


kazujiro, majeh…seriously, just answer my question, offer my advice without being stuck up elitists, saying things like “this guy can’t be serious” …wtf?? just give me advice or don’t post at all!!! i didn’t mean to offend your arcade stick wisdom with my newbness to arcade sticks…thanks to other people who posted actual advice. its greatly appreciated.


This dude can’t really be serious.


It’s already been answered; You haven’t took the opportunity to read the thread post?


sometimes. at first i didnt know the last 2 were the 3x buttons (just got sf4 and have only played in arcades before the ps3 version), but it said those were for ultra combos so that is what i’m used to.


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I got nothing to add since this has already been answered.
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First two posts after yours answered the question already. Just ignore everything after that. Welcome to SRK.


Well I think your question here has been answered, my friend. The default button stick layout for SF IV is:

Light Punch, Medium Punch, Heavy Punch, x3 Punches
Light Kick, Medium Kick, Heavy Kick, x3 Kicks

…in that exact layout on the stick with the buttons going from left to right and top to bottom as nabokovfan87 had posted above.

It’s absolutely important to map the x3 Punches and x3 Kicks because you’re going to want to use those buttons for ultra everytime. No, I’m kidding. This isn’t necessary and the original arcade cabinets don’t even have these buttons at the end. People either disable them, don’t use them at all or completely remove the buttons off the stick and plug the hole up. I mean what’s more fun than struggling to tap all three of those punch/kick buttons simultaneously to achieve that ultra?


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