Whats the major diff

So im getting a Tekken 5 stick soon, i wanted to get a HRAP2 but since the tekken 5 = HRAP2 but cheaper il just get that. (correct me if im wrong) Back on topic, i wated to know the major difference between sanwa and seimitsus buttons. I know this has been asked before but im a scrub who has been using the original namco stick since for ever and decided its time for something new. And which would be best to mod the T5 stick with and why.

A Japanese T5 stick? Because a US T5 does not equal a HRAP2.

If you check the stickied Essential thread there is Paik4Life’s Sanwa/Seimitsu guide.

T5 stick =/= HRAP2
T5 stick uses all Hori parts and the buttons are soldered directly to the PCB. You’re going to need to put some time and effort into modding a T5 stick.
HRAP2s have Sanwa JLF sticks and Hori buttons, but modding the stick with new buttons and/or sticks is a lot easier since the stick uses quick disconnects.

The only difference between the two types of buttons is the amount of resistance there is. Sanwas activate with the slightest touch. I often find myself accidentally pressing buttons while playing because I tend to rest my fingers on the buttons every now and then. Seimitsus have slightly more resistance than Sanwas.

There’s nothing wrong with the Namco stick. From what I hear, the Namco stick is a great stick to mod, though some heavy modding is needed.

There is really no best. It’s really just personal preference. Many people prefer the light touch of Sanwas over Seimitsus and vice versa.

That what if heared thats why im getting something els to mod and leave my namco as it is. Thanks for the info as the fast posting

The us version unfortunly i was hoping to find the SC3 hori but i don’t think that would happen anytime soon.

the namco stick is sex ^^, if u need money for a t5 mod ill take the namco off your hands :X

Money is no prob atm since im not going any where this vacation all i basicly need is the T5/SC3 stick and any other hori. But out of curiosity how much would you give for it.