What's the matching criteria for ranked matches?

Does anyone know how Capcom’s online matchmaking system actually works? I’m new to SFxT (although not new to fighting games), and I’m surprised that I’m consistently matched with players holding 3-4000 BP higher than me (despite having “same” marked off on the difficulty level). To be clear, I’m not really complaining about this, I’m just curious as to how it actually works…?

Not exactly sure. But it seems you are paired with people that are the same rank or 1 rank below or above you. I’m a C ranked. So I can be paired with D+, C, or C+ ranked players. That’s anywhere up to 5000 BP I can be playing against even though I only have about 1800 BP.
A B ranked player that has dropped below 5000 BP however should not be paired against a C ranked player that chooses ‘same rank’.

All this is based on my online experience in ranked PSN matches btw. I haven’t actually read anything about this anywhere.

I’m a C. I’ve played a B once… But yeah, generally it seems 1 rank above and below. I think the B might be because there was probably NOBODY else playing on a Sunday night at 3AM.

If it’s set to “Same” you are supposed to find players who are one rank above/below you or equal to you, regardless of his BP. A bit off-topic, but if I could have it my way we could’ve ditched this A,B,C,D class thing and just have the leaderboards keep track of our win/loss record. Players should’ve been treated as equals in this game. For newbies there is the Endless Lobby and training mode for practices.

It hard to do since you have to characters, but i love the character rankings like sfiv. Learning new characters once you’re at a high level is so hard. I’m a b and trying to pick up new characters is so hard for me

You can play on Endless if you want to learn a new character before you play them on Ranked

Yea but no lower ranks want to play me and playing a higher rank is useless. The new character just get crushed and arcade is about useless. O well I’ve got a couple different characters i use and have learned.

Also unlike cod or other shooter games, there’s not much reward for getting to be higher ranked, besides personal satisfaction. I still only win just over 55% of my matches online. Plus there’s such a difference in style. Someone might not have more skills, but just the match ups is heavily favored for them. Like when i use grief or Hugo there’s certain characters that i have no shot against. Thats what get me all fired up when playing lol

Fighting higher ranks isn’t useless, it is the fastest way to get good, even if you lose every match. As long as you know why you lost, every lose is a good learning experience, much more so than a win.

This means you just end up with 3SOE ranked where 99% of the people you run into are basically new.

True to a point, but when you’re getting slaughtered you don’t learn anything because of so many things going on that you’re trying to figure out. Plus the other guy gets bored and kicks you. Now if you know the person and he’s willing to help you that’s when you really learn. Not some random person who kicks your ass and then boots you. I always try and play higher ranks, but i start messing with a+ and some a ranks and I get destroyed and I don’t learn anything. You don’t learn anything by playing low ranks i know that. You can beat them with scrub bs without trying.

That’ll depend on who you play, because there are some of the higher ranked people who will guide you through your mistakes if you play a set with them on endless. I reached out to yung_ice and played him once and he helped me out. I’m sure there are other people who would do the same, regardless of how good or bad the match ends up being. Hell, I try giving out advice when I can if people ask.

Yea i do the same. I usually extend help out to any Hugo players i fought. Dont see any of them anymore though :frowning:

I’ll go through video channel of specific characters and send out messages to see who will help. Usually the easiest way for me to learn. I see different techniques and ways of doing things and practice them. Thats how I got so good with Hugo.

Sfxt is my first fighting game, so any time i change characters I’m learning their move sets and spacing and different fighting styles all at the same time. Grapplers fit my style the best. I hate being defensive. I wanna go in and destroy people haha