Whats the minimum spec to play 3S on a Chankast?

Whats the minimum spec to play 3S on Chankast ? (buying a laptop)

Im going back to college in about 3 weeks. Seeing as Ill be away from home except for the weekends and its not feasable to drag my desktop PC and all my consoles (Psone, Ps2, DC, GBA) up and down every week ive decided to get a laptop so I can play my Ps2 at the weekends and just emulate everything else. Of course, i need my 3rd strike fix but i also dont wanna spend too much, so i was wondering whats the minimum spec to run 3S on Chankast ?.

I know you need the following

  1. any processor that supports SSE (P3, P4, Athlon)
  2. A 16mb video card that supports hardware T&L (any Geforce, or a Radeon 7000 or higher)
  3. DirectX 9b (no problems there)
  4. Windows XP, 2003 or 2K

Ive read the following on the official web pages compatability list.

Street fighter III Third Strike: Works, with minor glitches, when you play in 640x480, you see tons of layer issues. If you switch to 1280x1024 fullscreen, they disappear! Also remember to use Z-Write and AlphaTest Z-Write + Capcom Hack. Some really tiny graphical bugs appears, but they’re not important

How bad are these glitchs ?, cause running the game at 640 x 480 will be much faster then 1280x1024. Also, unlike 3d games 2d games look Worse! when you up the resolution, at that high a res the sprites would look like Lego.

So anyway, if you can run it what specs do you have ?. Im looking more towards the people who are almost but not quite hitting the 60fps mark, rather then poeple with 4ghz Athlon 64’s who could prolly run it at 200 fps.

Thanks in advance.

PS - Before anybody asks, I dont have a video card that supports hardware T&L, so I cant use Chankast on my Desktop.

iunno but im playin it…MUHAHAHAHAHA!

Dude, its not like thats my only means of playing the game. I have the (superior) Ps2 port as well.

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I think at least 2GHz is required.

:frowning: I found that funny

Thats what the author reccomends for DC games in general, Im talking specificly about 3rd Strike. But thanks anyway :wink:

equipment that costs more than a copy of 3s and a dreamcast

lol damn why all the hostility. The only reason why i didn’t give him some vital information, about chankast is because i didn’t know if emulator talk was aloud, but if it is then i can give some more info!

I run not at full speed with a Athlon 64 3000, 512 of RAM, Radeon 9800 pro. Close to full speed but it wasnt really quite there yet.

Did you even read my posts ?, i already have BOTH the DC and Ps2 ports of 3S, i just dont want to have to lug all my consoles (and my PC) round with me when with the exception of my Ps2 I can emulate them all on a Laptop.

Thanks for the feedback, what kinda frame rates where you getting ?.

It’s allowed, not aloud, and if you read the fucking stickies and the announcement at the top of each board here, you’d know what the rules are.

Why do you have to bring ALL of them just to play 1 game? I’m still not understanding that part.

i have a 2.8 ghz P4 on both my pc and laptop. Both run the game at full speed with CvS2. CvS2 runs a good 60 fps, except in the shanghai stage. However 3s goes around 30 (i dont think it is a 60fps game is it?). When doing a super or genei-jin the frame rate significantly drops

I dont, thats why im getting a laptop. Ill be getting one for doing my college stuff on anyway, plus even the cheapest of laptops will be powerfull enough to emulate Psone and GBA games, so all that leaves is the DC. I just wanna get the cheapest laptop that will emulate 3rd strike at full speed, any thing after that is a bonus.

no9176: Thanks for the feedback ;), what video card do you have btw ?

Intel Xtreme graphics 2!!!(i hate integrated)

I have that is that like worse then a g-force 2?

That supports hardware T&L ?, im amazed

You’re still not even getting it. Why do you need to emulate it… Are you THAT lazy to bring ONE console with you? Or even leave it there since you have it on another?