What's the most balanced SF2?

I’ve heard it was HF, but I just want to know for sure. of course, ST has alot of good match-ups, so some people may say ST. What do you think? You don’t have to choose between HF and ST. You can choose from WW to ST. Thanks.

st. but hf is pretty damn good too. st is more balanced tho. ww and ce have horrid balance. ssf2 seemed decent. but no one played it in arcades to really know lol

Sagat owned in SSF2. The reason he doesn’t own so hard in SSF2T is that everyone else got something to compete with, but he is still tops in that too. WW had the infamous handcuff glitch and of course, Gief’s SPD meant death. CE had Bison redizzy ruling that game.

HF and SSF2T are by far the most balanced of the SF2s, although personally I think that SSF2T eeks this one out.

Yeah, I reckon Hyper Fighting is,

Super Turbo would be a close second for me.

Oh yeah and Horizontal air hurricane kick rock.

Kens Double Air Hurricane combos were classic.

Some Questions

Going off topic, but what is Bison’s dizzy combo in CE?

And how do you do Ken’s double air hurricane kick in HF? Is it just as it sounds? Or is there timing or a set-up or something?

Sorry, but all I know is ST and all I have access to at the moment is ST, so I can’t test that stuff out.

Because I don’t play HF, (until I get access to it) I’d like to know whose top and whos low. Of course, I don’t plan on using top tiers just for the sake of it (I hardly ever use top is ST). I just want to know because going into a new game with knowledge is always important.

Thanks for the opinions, guys. If anyone wants, they can go into depth about what makes each game more balanced than the other (ST and HF only, since we covered why the other 3 are not balanced).

My reasoning for ST over HF is that the characters in ST have new additions that make them so much more playable.

Sim for example is way better in ST because of his controllable limbs and his super. Rog does far better versus shotos because he has his shoulder anti-air. I personally think Vega has a much better normal moveset in ST than in HF. Chun is far more playable in ST then in HF because of her super, wakeup antiair, and her fireball is better.

I can’t really think of a character that became unplayable between HF and ST, but some did become a lot more playable. The only reason why HF may be more balanced than ST in my opinion is the new characters, but even they can be played (despite the fact that they are mid-tier at best).

Rog was good against shotos before he got the headbutt. TAP ownz. Chun’s sbk hit on the way up as a wake up in HF.

Imo, HF is clearly more balanced and more diverse. ST balanced things through giving everyone a reversal wake up move(way to be linear) and supers allow for some stupid shit, imo. HF was balanced while every character was much more diverse in style than in ST. HF is more classy as well, imo. ST is a nice 2nd but HF was the most refined. Super was a pos. I like the new normals in ST but they weren’t necessary.

HF and then ST imo.


I HATED facing Rog with shotos in HF. At least in ST I knew if he had a down charge for the headbutt aginst my FBs… In HF it seems he’s always got the TAP ready to smack my FB attempts. I pretty much gave up on the upclose un-comboed FBs against Rog in HF.

I think Vega’s pretty weak in HF. He lacks overhead protection that he gets in ST with his backflip. In HF, the backflip can be used to avoid an attack, but it’s so slow that your opponent can still attack you when you finish. And on SNES, pulling it off is risky since it’s so hard to hit all 3 buttons simultaneously; mess up and you may eat a combo. And if you choose to play it safe and block, your opponent can pummel you until you lose your claw, and that’ll remove Vega’s reach advantage.

By the way, I’d like to know who are the best in HF. I think I’ve heard that Guile and Sim are the best.

I sort of agree with Apoc. Strictly balance-wise it’s hard to put one over the other, but I would guess (without thinking for too long) that ST has more lopsided matches.

I don’t like supers in ST, especially how some are so much better than others, and in general they are just too powerful. Also so many people got anti-airs they didn’t really need.

Chun could use SBK as a reversal wakeup, but they gave her the upkick. Vega got an upkick. DeeJay had good AA with the MGP (weak damage but good invincibility) and could even pass through fireballs with it…he got an upkick…and you can combo his super after his upkick…bleagh…

DeeJay in super was fun, the MGP actually had a use.

Air Hurricane combos

Kens air hurricane:

Jump in very Deep Fierce, Jump fierce (Very quickly) Air hurricane

(Gamecombos have a very cool video with variations on this theme)

Chun Li’s got a simlar combo by using some hop kicks linking into fierce then Air Spinning Bird kick.

You guys are right when you say that more characters have good antiairs Super Turbo. And The new standing overhead blows in the game help it out.

But I personally think that the Supers knock back some of the balance in Super Turbo. (Seez the guy with a superMuntogen as his avatar;)

Vega is unfortunatly very weak in Hyper. But overall I prefer Hyper fighting for balance.

Mainly cos’ it’s a bare bones fighter. Not too many frills. You can give your rivals a good old fasioned smackdown.

HF is more balanced…supers evened out some of the slippery slope properties since you can win off a super easily in ST. However, for overall character balance, HF has fewer straightup counter characters than ST. A lot of ST matches end up with opposite characters now…plus O. Sagat is so godly in ST.

HF? Two of the better characters are actually Honda and Zangief imo…but it’s fairly well balanced that it doesn’t matter…though Vega (US) is hard to play well. :frowning:

ummmm… ST because it’s the only game I can play T. Hawk and not get laughed at K THX… btw o.ken

I vote ST.
But then again I play it a lot more than HF, so I wouldn’t know too much.

Only Honda’s super truly sucks.
And Guile’s, although it’s real good if you can combo it close up.
The rest are all good IMO.

I used to think Fei Long’s sucked… boy was I proved wrong _

Rehan (Dead Man Inc.)

I dunno. Blanka’s super is right up there in worthless-ness…

In fact, all of the charge characters’ supers seem way worse than the uppercut characters’ supers, although honda and blanka clearly take the cake.

too bad rog’s super owns… I double vote for ST thx

Man fools need to quit hatin on SSF2:rolleyes: I have yet to hear anyone make a legitimate case against it that doesn’t involve the speed. Sure, it’s slow, but what else do you have?


Old Sagat in ST is a better character than Sagat in SSF2 as he has more moves he can cancel into specials.

Doesn’t discount the fact that Sagat in SSF2 stills owns most of the cast. He does not play that fundamentally different in either game, yet the rest of the cast are better in ST than in SSF2 (with a few exceptions, Guile for one). Most characters already have problems with O. Sagat in ST, now take away some of their options and see how well they do against him.