What's the most satisfying way to win a round



When you win the round, which move makes you sit back and go, “ahhh, indeed. indeed”


Imo a back throw and the 3rd (last) hit of ShinSho. But I do have a close second of the 1st hit of flip throw so the second is in slow mo!




Ultras are not cool enough for me. I like fast moves because it happens so suddenly rather than there being a time freeze giving us time to already anticipate the events that follow after. The very first hit with EX tatsu is very nice for that very reason. All the propeller kicks in slow-mo after that are very nice too. I’ve even started doing Juicebox gesture while that happens. Since there’s no option for “other”, the last hit of tatsu is also pretty nice. It’s like I placed the tatsu down at the perfect time for the very last hit to do enough damage for the kill (even though that’s not that case half the time).

Flip throw is also beast too because that smackdown looks hella painful.


Full Denjin on a 1 hit dizzy . Watch that health bar melt son


I voted for the flip throw, but really, I love being down to like one or two more hits before I lose and the opponent has most of his life and then I turn on the fuck you juice and make a clutch comeback win…especially if the last “hit” was a kongo.

Why, BTW, is kongo not a choice? Or super, for that matter?


because alcohol


Forbidden Shoryu (not on the list).


I do like tatsu for the fact that you don’t know if the last hit will kill him or not, but flip throw or chip ultra would be good too


The preemptive taunt after you’ve shot your air fireball. It’s a bit cocky, but when you know your opponent is going to jump into it and die it’s pretty hilarilous. That slow motion arms crossed “ooo”


Favorite taunt: Shakes head and says “Disappointing”


I’m a fan of the one where he says “ooOOoo.”


Shoulda been an option for all the above.


Yeah I’m gonna have to revote because I really love ending with super. I picked Shin Sho because of that feeling when you’re fighting a really tough match. … you land back throw, he hits - one, two and then you don’t know if the last hit will kill him or leave him with a sliver… you wait…wait… then BOOM it kills him. Its so satisfying.

I love that but ending with a low kongo read into super for the kill is much more satisfying to me. Or catching Abels ex wheel kick as he’s gonna chip you out with raw super for the kill, catching Yuns ex shoulder with raw super, punishing a blocked palm from Gouken, catching Ryus cr.mk xx hado, supering through the hado, or my favorite catching Guile as he tries to do a meaty sonic boom on your wake. I don’t think Guiles realize our super is 3 frames and reaches that far horizontally. That’s my shit.


^ Back Throw > hado > Super!!!


any dive kick setup which is in goukens favor > 50%, trades and or better


my favourite round enders:

  • (anti air) Super
  • anti cr.tech low kongo x fadc - lp palm - Ultra2 in the corner or kongo x fadc - ex tatsu
  • anti fireball Ultra2 - mp palm
  • cr.hk or f.throw hard knockdown to 4fr safe command dive kick into hit confirm mp - cr.hp - ex palm
  • blocked mp in frame trap and counterhit far.mp x lp hado x fadc (on reaction) - cr.hp ex palm pain train…


Blocked damage, a long string of it.
They cowered in down-back and you beat them to death anyway.


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It’s a fucking poll with 7 options no right or wrong and answers… and we are talking about finishing a round for the win.

Dek09 posts that ending with super is sexy and gives some reasons why…

I agree and add that back throw>hado>super is also sexy for the win..

@AOS proceeds to click “disagree”…

and for what??? the world may never know…


Why are you so mad for lol. It’s just a button.

And for what reason? What else? “I disagree”. That’s all there is to it. While you agree back throw > hado > super is sexy, I don’t. Simple as that.

Plus, I’ve tried to explain things in the past but it seems not a lot of you care to read it. Again, it’s just a fucking button.