What's the name of the tall black british SF4 player?

I remember that he used Sagat, was champion several times at vanilla SF4, and he even beat Daigo several times.

Is he currently competing at Evo2k11?

Ryan Hart. He lost before top 32.

Yeah, he picked Oni vs. Latif and promptly lost before switching to Yun for a close game which he lost to send him to losers, then after that someone knocked him out off stream.

He knocked Infiltration to losers before the Oni bs against Latif putting him in losers where Mago beat him 2-1.

Ryan Hart is a great player but I think he makes weird character choices. He’s not cheap enough. I would bet any money that if he mained Sagat in SF4/Yun in AE he would make top 8 and maybe higher at every Evo.