What's the nicest way to ask a woman if she is transgender?


So I found a website for a dominatrix/fetishist close to where I live. And I’m looking for some service with her but…the profile pics show her with lots of hair dye (or wigs?) and lots of make-up, making their true appearance somewhat ambiguous. Nothing about them stands out as being a tranny. The thought just came to mind because one of her partners who participates in 2 for 1 specials with her IS transgender (and doesn’t hide that fact) and, well, it can only make me wonder if she is, too.


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There’s no real genteel way to ask this.


hey I thought you wanted casual sex? why does it matter? :rofl:


Why not just ask if they’re transgender?



What? Honesty before all!


I don’t know, I think if you’re tactful enough you can come up with a way to ask her/him genitally.


“I’ll show you mine if you show me yours” might work…


Why would you want to ask gently?
You obov want a pounding, just straight up ask if HeShe can deliver.


It’s not that simple. It’s fine and dandy if they are, and that’s what you’re assuming, but if they aren’t, then you’re fucked.
Transgenders (m2f) usually look somewhat manly or ugly (the obvious ones), so when you ask a woman that question, then that’s essentially what you’re saying. People wouldn’t ask the question if it weren’t for something that stands out that isn’t woman-like.


I think you have this backwards, at least in a literal sense.


Meet for coffee. You’ll probably be able to tell by posture, voice, or mannerisms. If you’re still not sure ask her to look up at the stars while you check for an adams apple.


ask her, "Do you pee standing up? Or sitting down?"
that usually answers all.


When you are down with the bussines look for the cervix, if she doesn’t have one then is a transgender


Ask if she knows any transgender people.


Don’t ask. Look for a Adam’s apple.

Source: living in South East Asia.


Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell


If you cosplay a Street Fighter character, would you be Poison?


You guys know "transgender and “transsexual” are not the same thing, right?


Which one is Poison supposed to be?