Whats the official/best arcade stick?

I remember buying a MAS stick by in the day…and im only on this site now because of sf4 and was wondering if there was a new stick in town or something…


This should be in the Tech Talk forum or something…

But I think HORI’s RAP series is the best. And RAP1 over RAP2 all the way.


Stick to the MAS. Do not buy into the whole jap stick hype. They are good, but if all you have ever played on are American sticks, just stick to those.

its all preference. whatever you learned to play on is usually what you will end up playing with forever unless you feel compelled to change.

nothing wrong with american, nothing wrong with japanese

Shouldn’t you wait to find out more about SF4 first? Like what system it will be on before you go buy a stick for it.

prefrence seems to be the thing, I think custom made sticks are the best way to go if you desire a certain feel. besides, most OEM sticks will end up getting modded out anyways.
I’m better with American (Happ) style sticks and my brother is a beast with Japanese (sanwa/seimitsu) style sticks. but our levels are almost dead even when we play against each other


i get it