What's the one fighting series you'd like to see make a comeback?

Two years ago, we’d all say Street Fighter…

But now, what fighting series that hasn’t seen a proper sequel in say…10 years that you’d like to make a return?

While there’s tons of other games that play better, I’d still love to see Killer Instinct 3, it had the gore and appeal of MK, but at least the characters played very differently, and overall had a much deeper fighting system than MK ever did, even as much of a combo whore that it was.

Personally though, I’d dunno if I’d want Rare to make it, most of the employees that did work on the original games are long gone, and Rare themselves have not made a truly great game since…jesus, I don’t remember.

Some honorable mentions are:

Fatal Fury
Last Blade

conkers bad fur day.

i would like to see a new tmnt beat em up, that would be funny as hell. :rofl:

Series I’d love to see come back:

Bushido Blade, though I doubt Squaresoft could do it right these days.

Toshinden, if a reputable company got it. The concept was fine, the execution was awful.

Weaponlord- since it wouldn’t be so ahead of its time now

Groove On Fight- technically it’s part of Power Instinct series, but it’s been 10 years since Groove On fight, and that game was awesome despite the long loads.

Real Bout series- cause it was like the Alphas, one thing different messed up each time, but if they ever got it right it would be awesome.

  1. Eternal Champions.

The Sega CD one was assloads better than the Genesis original, but had some stupid characters (the animals… WTF were they thinking), as well as some broken ones (Eternal 1: Tiger form standing Wheel infinite FTL).

If they’d done the third in the trilogy that they’d planned on, it would probably reach SF2’s quality.

  1. Darkstalkers

I dunno why, but I really liked that series, even when it was just ‘SF with monsters’.

I wasn’t really impressed by the third arcade version, but the home ports were much better, as they’d actually readded the characters they dropped. Vampire Chronicle, even with some of the busted shit in that one (Vampire-style Pyron), was a great ‘Hyper Darkstalkers’ that even included some ‘what-if’ characters, something even Hyper SF2 didn’t do.

I think a 4th in this series, with some actual new characters, would be awesome. :3

Power Stone.

Time Killers or shaq fu.
Im a bit of a masochist

Here’s one for ya, Warzard / Red Earth.

other than that: Darkstalkers, Garou, a 2D SamSho, Rival Schools.

Rival Schools. Plot needs to finished off, and it really could use a engine re-do (maybe do it on the TvC engine?).


I’d love to see a Last Blade 3 or revamped Vampire Saviour.

Here’s one you’ll all hate me for… Rumble Fish 3.

A hi-res Vampire game. That would be awesome.

There are lots of ideas, but that one jumps to the forefront.

  1. FF(MOTW)… needs a sequel asap!!
  2. AOF!!
  3. Twelve: Does power stone count? totally agree with you. A 360 ver would be fantastic… if done right.
  4. Aliens v predator! i would love to see linn & co come back to kick some alien ass.

SF (next generation) yes, i said it! im still waiting for a sequel!!!

Rival Schools

Of course Power Stone counts. Granted it is more likely to be viewed as a “party” type game, it is more of a fighting game than the Smash series can ever hope to accomplish.

And even at the minimum skill level, this game is just awesome fun.

Quite impossible today but i’ll say Garou!

  1. Bushido Blade
    Maybe on the Wii with that new Wiimote addon for greater accuracy that’s supposedly coming. Or maybe a new “Die by the Sword” would fit those controls.

  2. Rise of the Robots
    Rise 3! Come on! :rofl:

  3. Last Blade
    Because Setsuna is so freaking badass and needs to live on.

Also, maybe Breakers Revenge. The engine just had this really nice feeling somehow… I don’t need any of the rest of that game, but the feeling of the gameplay would be nice to have in a new game.

I would love to see a sequel to Rage of the Dragons. That game just needed some tweaks and balancing and that would be the shit.

Konami came out and said they were gonna continue making the Bloody Roar series. But after 4 tanked you really didn’t hear shit about it. They just fucked with the formula too much and if a sequel does drop they need to bring it back to what it was without all the gimmicks.

I still don’t see why when Konami had the TMNT License they didn’t milk the hell out outta Tournament Fighters. The game was what it was supposed to be a TMNT SF game. But the little shit that made it fun is why people still play it. With UbiSoft all over the license now who knows if we’ll get a true sequel but the new joint they’re coming out with looks promising.

Battle Stadium D.O.N was the crack too. Take Smash and add Shonen Jump and stir. A sequel needs to add more characters from the universes and tweak the gameplay a tad.

Star Gladiator needs a sequel ASAP. OK, Hayate, June and Saturn make apperances in MAHVEL 2 but Star Gladiator 3 needs to happen. Improve how Plasma Combos work and add some characters and there you have it.

Capcom Fighting All-Stars looked promising as fuck. And in the end all we got was $40 Mugen and some backstory about Ingrid. CFAS had the makings of becoming a series. But because of the EX series Capcom got scared and backed away from what could’ve been pure crack. But with 4 getting ready to change the game, maybe Ono will pick this project back up and get it to us at some point.

Garou, because it’s just that good.

Marvel Super Heroes. I’d like to see a Marvel fighting game of this type. 1v1 and without infinites/broken shit.

And I’ll say Akatsuki because it never took off in the first place, though it deserves to.

Hmmm. Good thread.

I’d say…

Killer Instinct
SF Alpha

and most importantly, to me at least, is a true 2d Mortal Kombat. A straight throwback to the arcade era MK’s with digitlized characters (hell, even with todays technology, they could make sprites look like that) and the old control scheme of HP, LP, HK, LK, Block and Run. No 3d. All based on the UMK3 engine.

And release a special edition MK stick in the MK layout and everything.

I may be dreamin, but fuck it. Thats what I want.

PS- post #1000 wuhoo!:coffee:

Vampire Savior.