Whats the part # for all clear/see through seimitsu buttons?

like this here ??

yes I searched and didnt find any info on it. thanks :confused:

PS-14-K white

yeah but I have white piece inside and I cant really see thorough the buttons. get the picture ? I have these buttons but they are not see through. am I missing something here ??

Well you asked which buttons were used for the stick in the linked photo, those are PS-14-K white. All he has done is put pieces of his artwork inside the plungers.

i was’nt even asked! lol

it would been better just to ask me mate.

all you do is take it apart and place the artwork on the top of the white plunger (i used sticky-back paper so i just stuck it to the white plunger and used a scalple to cut to the right size.

oh…I thought they had the clear piece that goes inside. thanks…DOODS ! :tup:

DH020, might i say you did a mighty fine job.

thanks alot :tup:

Holy shit, who made that stick. It’s some hot shiet!

If it’s yours, are you willing to sell it?

Ya i created it…but it was a personal order for a customer.

sorry about that

thanks for kind words :wgrin: