Whats the plan for stream archives for Evo 2k11?

I feel like I got jipped, I joined SRK in 07, I just orderd the 2k8 dvd’s from another member, and paid for the IGN thing last year…

I dont wanna stop anyone from getting paid, but are there any plan to release the 3 days streams in a torrent or something after the event ?

I’d capture the streams for myself, but I’d pay money for someone to do the work and put togeather a dvd or something.

I wanna be reliving the thrills that will be… Evo 2k11!

I like the idea of a torrent or dvd. Especially because here in germany some matches “air” at around 4-5 AM which is not do-able on sunday -> monday because of obvious reasons like work :slight_smile:

thats why i booked monday off work :smiley:

Hehe yea well, I have vacations on monday too but that’s because I’m going to W:O:A (Wacken Open Air) :smiley: I just wanted to name a good reason^^

I hope archives go up…I fell asleep at 6:30am, woke up at 11 and it’s still going lol…I want to watch what I missed.

Missed most of Top 16 :confused:

Why no ustream archives?

Agree. I missed the last 4 hours of stream, because I couldn’t stay awake at fucking 4AM in the morning.
Why didn’t they think of the needs of people watching this from other countries, who can’t stay awake the whole fucking night for this? EVO is a global tournament, not an US one.

Same for me. In the comments section somebody posted a link to his/her Youtube channel where some of the matches can be found at least.

I wanna say secretly I think this is why they chose ustream because it’s easier to control archived recordings, even though JTV was the better option but I dunnu. Still weird how they would choose ustream over JTV, good qualit stream but JTV’s layout seems better. It could be cause they get more advert support for more revenue, who knows…

I do hope they consider uploading archives, I think on the evo DVD’s they only show highlights of the tourney and don’t have all of the matches? Would be kind of disappointing if that was the case as I want to watch the whole thing and not just some of it.

There were so many great matches, I’m glad someone was recording it. I’d love to see the torrents available, especially if there’s no sales or anything for the content, I don’t see why it’s not done. But then I guess I don’t know all of the details and technicalities.

I tried hard to stay up, but I was out at 3am in the UK, which was about 7pm las vegas. missed pretty much everything lol

Why no stream archive? Probably for the same reason there were adverts every 5 minutes last night: they want to milk the FGC for $$$


(Is there anyone this retarded, really? You’re trolling, right?)

uhm what ever fucking reason would you put forward?

there’s no other plausible reason for not having the main stream archived.

lol i’m just mad

i was really looking forward to the sf4 matches, but i was indisposed friday… now i have the whole saturday to myself but i don’t give two shits about marvel.

What do you mean? How would they benefit from NOT making the replays available? They could charge money to access the replays, as per the previous years (either in DVD format, or via a deal with somewhere like IGN).

just mad cuz i missed out on the afterhours, heard it was wild

Im going to be pretty damned pissed if they dont upload the archives. I live in Sweden, 9 god damned hours before Las Vegas time. And i’ve worked all weekend so im planning to watch EVO on my days off monday and tuesday. I’ve written stuff about EVO, two long articles, on a swedish gamingsite and I want to follow up by writing a third one with my own commentary of the SSF-pools and finals. They are screwing over a big part of the international community and us fans if the archives dont show up.

I see there is one like 9 hour long archive up now of MvC3, but who gives a shit about that. I’d like to see everything they recorded from SSF last friday.

I have to go to sleep like, right now so I’m going to miss the 5 v 5 :frowning: ? I hope it’s available somewhere soon.

The entirety of Day 2 was archived into ONE SINGLE VIDEO yesterday. That’s over ten hours. Also, it is impossible to SKIP anything. You can’t go to the parts you missed and watch just that, because the video will just stop playing entirely and run an ad.

So, can anyone PLEASE upload the EC vs. WC 5 vs. 5 somewhere for me? I’m afraid to ask or look anywhere else because I don’t want the outcome spoiled.