What's the point of FADC -> U1?



I went into training mode and did the following:

  1. Crounching HP —> Super = 301+ damage

  2. MP Shoryuken —> FADC —> U1 = 287 damage

If that’s the case, then isn’t it a ****ing waste of time trying so hard to learn FADC when the damage done is pretty pathetic?


For one, super takes 4 bars of meter while FADC takes 2.

You must of done mp.dp FADC Ultra 1 when the opponent was at low health because because it does 378 damage. (opponents take less damage the lower their health is).

mp.dp cancelled into super does a whopping 380. 2 more damage for twice the meter. Not worth it.

Also, you can do cr.hp xx lp.dp FADC ultra 1 for 453 damage. While doing the same thing. but cancelling into super does 430. Twice the meter for less damage.


What he said ^ Also there are some rock paper scissor situations where throwing out a dp then reacting with fadc Ultra 1 will beat two of the three options the opponent chooses


You probably used W-Ultra, which scales the damage a lot.


He’s also forgetting that a DP is so much easier to get in than a Cr.HP which can probably only be used as a punish or as a confirm off of cr.lk/cr.lp/cr.mp.

Why learn FADC ultra 1? because DP is 3 frame start up and can blow up alot of shit LOL especially when people are using unsafe strings while you’re blocking.


Because DP is much more versatile, can be used as a combo ender, frame trap, or defensive move. It can immediately turn the momentum of the game.