What's the point of the ranking system?

I just started playing online, and I am getting matched up to people who have over 200 wins and like 10 losses. Fix this system Capcom, how can people enjoy the game when people who have jobs and can’t spend all day playing to get better?

go to custom match instead of quick match, and set ranking to ‘same’.
but the game basically just came out, most likely, there aren’t enough games being played to fairly match people yet…

Think so too Unessential… In the next days the player number will hopefully increase and the top-tier players will not bother noobs like me anymore.

You want Capcom to cater to people who don’t have as much time as others to practice/train? Is the game not easy enough as is?

It doesn’t need to be made easier, that’s not what he’s implying at all. He’s simply asking for a more accurate and fitting MM system. I’m with him in that regard, I’m brand new to the vs. series and yet 80% of the games I play are against people who clearly outclass me compared to the 20% where the MM actually worked.

Easy? No way…

i’m brand new to the vs series and am in the top 100 on xbl while going to school and working. please don’t make excuses, just figure out what to do and play.

Some of us are Naturally tuned to master a game as fast as others, we the lower classed have to practice way more… do you have a good history in 2D fighters?

not really, i played sf4 pretty casually before this. i’ve just been grinding pretty hard every day. you have to want to win lol.

Did better matchmaking kill your father, and rape your mother?

Not making excuses, not sure why you’re so aggressive…I suppose I’m just used to a far better MM system with other games that I wasn’t quite ready for this one. It’s new, I’ll learn the game when I have time, I was simply making a point that the MM as it stands now is rubbish compared to other’s I’ve seen

I’d be fine getting matched up against Justin and Marn doing the fusion dance if I could get a match without getting disconnected every time for 15 minutes.

umm, what’s stopping you from enjoying the game in the multitude of casual lobbies? or random player matches? or even offline. You’re essentially criticizing ranked for being the definition of ranked.

click the other thing, NOT quick match, and select same rank… u will never face anyone with 893289328932 - 0 stats then…
maybe 10-1 15-1 or something… but u have to live with that since they match the RANK not the win streak or win/loss %

why wouldnt you want to play people who are better than you? isnt that the whole point?

so the whole point is gettin fucked up 900 times in a row ?

yes, it’s called learning.

Well thinking optimistically instead of getting fucked 900 times in a row, you would think that after a while you’d adjust your playstyle or get used to everything and get better a lot faster than playing someone who isn’t as good while developing bad habits that will really restrict you from playing at the next level. whatever that may be

Just when you thought people were finally bored of MvC2 and willing to move out of their parent’s basement, along comes MvC3 lol. Online gaming will always have people who are just way too good. So just play with friends. ^.^

The whole point of ranked is to see how good you are and to gradually improve. You need to be able to play people of your basic ability level to improve–you’re going to just get demolished every time and learn nothing, otherwise. That said, you should also play good players to see just what is possible, what to aspire to.

If ranked mode worked, you’d be able to select people of about your ability level or ‘any,’ and both would work. It appears that latter works, sort of, but the former doesn’t work at all.