What's the point of this? (bizarre GGPO ST gallery on Flickr)


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Got a good laugh out of that.

Online matches r srs bsns


Have you seen that movie where they go inside a serial killer’s mind and there’s all this bizarre stuff in there? It reminds me of that.


Soto isn’t the only one who keeps a gallery like this.


It’s obviously supposed to be a ‘victory gallery’, but what does it prove and for what purpose? Gloating?

It smacks of someone who is actually rather insecure.


It’s sad, but numerous folks have similar galleries, if not videos. This is just one product of online-focused players who are discontented but can’t/don’t prove themselves offline. Another is acting brash in online communications.

I think these types of behavior recede when a player can confidently play offline. Then, either the player learns tranquility or he knows enough to walk with his tail between his legs.


i was hoping at least a pic like this of angry ken.



Once again with the offline obsession. It’s possible to play online but not keep creepy victory galleries you know.


More like an observation of the fact that you don’t see anybody offline uploading cell phone pics of their opponents losing to perfects. Can you imagine how much that photo taker would get laughed at in person?

It sucks when you’re the victim but this seems pretty clearly a result of online pseudo-anonymity and just isn’t natural face-to-face human behavior. There are plenty of good-natured online players (probably a good majority) but like I said, these are typical actions from the online discontented.


Shouldn’t you be somewhat flattered that someone is so proud of themselves for beating you they feel the need to document it? It may be weird because we are all gamers and not someone who should be FAMOUS, but comeon man, you saw mike tyson on the street and he pushed you and you turned around and swung and knocked him clear out, you wouldn’t take a cell phone picture of it? (clearly before running)…

it’s sad that someone is taking pictures of an online event such as ggpo, because it’s something no competitive gamer takes wholeheartedly, but it’s no worst then some of the bizarre shit people are proud of in the real world.

also call me lame, but i beat daigo or someone of that caliber at evo or something… I am taking a picture…


Fair enough. But there’s always an offline world and an online world, and the same person can have a different persona in each. You don’t know whether this guy is someone you’ve played against offline.


If he was only taking pictures against top players, I suppose it could be construed that way. But he seems to have pictures of everyone, even folks I’ve never seen before on GGPO (probably newer players).

If I were on there, it may not affect me much besides never playing the guy again. But I’m concerned how someone struggling to practice online would react to that sort of spectacle. A few players have already mentioned to me that they avoid GGPO because of the sometimes silly chats; is it possible this could cause someone to just give it up? That’s why these online ego sessions are worrisome.

Anyway, if Mike Tyson pushed me and he still had money, I’d just take the beating and sue him later. I think that’s much more satisfying than having a trophy picture to remember by. Ironic you mention Tyson since his infamous kick and punch street session was just a few miles from where I live. If only I’d been so lucky. :smile:


I guess to me even though the community is smaller, the online ST community would still have some of the same retardation that plaques the online SF4 community. although I do understand what you mean but if someone is going to fall apart in the game because of some egotistical asshole, or a bit of taunting, should they really be playing competitively anyways?


hahahahahah saved


I stay 3 weeks out of GGPO, and it already gets like this??? LOL

Joke aside, that is so wrong in so many senses it is hard to even argue about it.


Serial Killer-ish if you ask me.


GGPO Got Gay People Online


**I feel left out

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Wow, that one is great too.


well, you know which clown that is ~

88 photos, damn… willy d has to be the saddest cunt on ggpo :shake:

for what it’s worth, i occassionally record my own matches and put them on youtube, but that’s because i find watching your own matches back is a good way to learn, and i probably lose more than i win in those vids

about offline/online: i can link you to two dozen offline mvc2 tournament matches that will show you that acting like a bitch in real life can and does happen. look at that Izu dude in first SBO, lmao. but for sure, online can make people who are assholes generally even worse than usual. who’s gonna take a cell phone pic, that makes no sense. if the match is recorded or it’s a tournament match, then you already got your proof - it’s just about gloating and stroking your own ego. i haven’t played sf4 yet but i seen a couple videos, and there seems to be a few offline assholes on that game too

about ggpo: i only see this type of gallery shit from north and south american players, to be perfectly honest