What's the point of Twelve's kara-throw?

From what I know, Twelve’s kara-throw is far MP~grab. But you can’t do far MP if you are close…

So what the hell?

Not everyone has a useful kara throw. Perhaps 12 has another move to kara when you are closer.

For example with Oro st. far mk gives the greatest kara movement, but when you get in st. close mk range you use roundhouse to kara instead.

Kara throws and moves weren’t deliberately doled out to each character, they were derived “accidentally” through the way certain games (3s is obviously one) handle and prioritize inputs.

The only characters with useful kara-throws are Chun, Q, Elena, Ryu, Akuma, Alex, Oro and Remy. That’s only like a little over 1/3 of the cast, so don’t feel too left out over Twelve not having a useful one.

Twelve doesn’t even need one, in my opinion. His throw startup has always felt near instant in my opinion, making it hard to late tech compared to other characters.

Twelve is one of only two characters with a one frame start-up grab. ie. It’s the fastest throw in the game.

i thought his throe was pretty buff, people always saying they couldnt tech it; maybe that explains it
is it the same start up for neutral and directuional throws? (both 1 frame?)

who is the other character with the 1 frame throw?