What's the point of using assists to cover you?


Two things always happen:

  1. The person hears the voice and telegraphs it.
  2. The person covers with long range attacks to beat my assist.

If I use a projectile assist to cover myself, how do I get in without losing my assist?


Cover your assist so it can cover you afterwards.

  1. Call your assist when you are close to your opponent but refrain from using your assist when the opponent is trap in the corner (unless you’re trying to go for a high/low mixup).
  2. Don’t call your assist from afar because your opponent can react to it.
  3. You MUST cover your assist so he/she can assist you, the assist can’t cover you and themselves at the same time.


It would also help to list what characters and assists you are using. It may be a mismatch on the speeds or relative coverage for your characters


I’ve revamped my team.

Wolverine - Berserker Barrage
Chris - Gun Fire
Dr. Doom - Hidden Missiles

My biggest problem is sometimes I’ll use Hidden Missiles assist, then when I launch for my combo with Wolverine, the combo drops as a result of the hits from the missiles. How can I get around that?


Stop playing with Missiles assist, you should be running Plasma Beam.


This for sure. Wolverine doesn’t benefit from missiles nearly as much as plasma beam and the beam is far better at doing the same thing you are using machine gun for.

He wants to get in and maul people, plasma beam is one of the best assists at helping him do that. As far as Chris goes, I don’t think he belongs on that team really. He’s frequently a point character and playing him second is probably the worst spot on this team for him and his assists don’t really do much of anything for either Wolverine or doom.

If you’re dead set on playing this team then you should probably run wolverine BB, Doom Plasma and I honestly don’t know what assist for chris on anchor (leaning towards grenade) with the goal of getting in making a kill and forcing your opponent to burn x factor first so there is a real threat behind anchor chris.

Having Doom second allows for real TAC combos as opposed to chris as well.

Can I ask what was your previous team?


I can change my first team. I know I want Wolverine and Doom on it. Other candidates I’m thinking of are Hulk and Deadpool.

What kind of teams does Chris go good with?


The problem is that you’re basically trying to put a bunch of point characters all on the same team. Wolverine, Hulk, Deadpool and Chris are all pretty much point characters and when you talk about synergy, these characters don’t really have it. You could feasibly make something work but it would be difficult and unnatural and give you more trouble than it’s worth if you’re already having trouble with the game.

Now that Wolverine/Doom pairing is getting you somewhere. You just really need a proper anchor and I’m sure you probably don’t want to hear this but Vergil is the best answer, so you would be playing essentially PR Rogs team. it’s probably one of the most simple, effective teams you can run. Dante with Jam session assist also works well for Wolvie.

We’re getting a bit off topic and you should probably propose some of your team ideas in the team building thread, but I’ll address the Chris question before I go.

Chris likes a slow moving assist that gives him both zoning coverage and can help him push people into corner where he gets his real damage and pressure, Sentinel Drones is perfect for this and Sent is a good basic character and you can TAC or DHC into him pretty easily.

For the anchor Chris needs someone to cover the spaces he can’t, mostly the skies above his head. Dante Jam or Strider w/ vajra both suit those. I would suggest strider since you would have a dark anchor to go nuts with.

So a team of Chris, Sent drones and Strider Vajra would be a decent team I would think. I am no expert at Chris for sure. The other choice you have if you don’t want to run 3 entirely different characters is do some configuration of Chris/sent/Doom or Chris/Doom/Sent but run Doom with missiles on this team.

Main problem here is you are losing a truly good anchor.


You should definitely have Doom on Beam. Then add in a good anchor and you’re golden. Vergil would be the best bet.


Thanks for all the recommendations guys. But there’s just one glaring problem. How am I supposed to learn all these characters?

Sure, many of them are effective. But the way people curbstomp me with semi-infinites online, there’s no way I get any chance to learn new bnbs or practice setups before getting grinded into oblivion. I don’t know what else to do.


Uhhhh, play offline with non-autopiloters?


Lol the profile pic is to perfect.

Anyway, you keep playing and keep getting curbstomped and find less skilled players to play with while you get curbstomped.

If you get into a game late that’s your fate unfortunately unless you have a offline/online friend to show you the ropes.

I went trough it 1.5 years ago with sf4 and im doing it again with marvel right now. it will get better but only with persistent practice.

Use training mode to learn all your stuff that only depends on;y on you executing then go online to learn the stuff that requires adapting/playing and opponent.

Also watch vids of players that use your chars


And if you’re on PSN I’d be happy to help you out.


I’m on XBL a lot if he’s not PSN. Hit me up! I love teaching this game.


Fixed. Wolvie (any) / Doom (Beam) / Hiryu (Vajra) is what you want.


Wolvie/Strider? It’s not terrible, but you can do far better.


Doesn’t Vajra use up ground bounce for wolverine?


Nah, Vajra is just a plain old hard knockdown.


That he can’t combo off of without X-Factor. Vergil is way, way better for the team.

Durango, I hope things work out for you, but goddamn man change that profile pic it’s TOO fitting