Whats the point of using Blanka's Backstep Rolling Attack?

Sites all over the web state the purpose of the Backstep Roll is to avoid projectiles while simultaneously rolling forward with a counter attack.

However the animation is too damn slow that I end up getting hit by a fireball even if I execute it right when the characters are just preparing the animation to throw the fireball (such as when Ryu is putting his palm together right before he yells out “Hadoken!”).

Even the Shoryuken wiki states that its the worst special attack in the whole game and absolutely not worth the nerfs Blanka received in his transition from Hyper Fighting to Turbo.

Just some advice you should probably cool it on making new threads. This one in particular is very character and game specific and probably shouldn’t be in the newbie dojo. Take it to the appropriate sub forum. The hyper fighting and ST forums are packed with knowledgable people that are more than willing to help and are itching for activity in threads.

On topic in a match against a real person you would use it against someone trying to poke with something like low forward fireball. So as you see them walking forward fishing for a safe poke string like that you use it to counter by back stepping the poke and punishing the whiff. It’s not a reactionary tool it’s an anticipation tool, though it could very well still be garbage or at least just a gimmick.

Why are you asking if you know what it is for? Are you asking when to use it? Use it as a tool when you make a read on a fireball. It goes farther than your jump at least… It’s the worst tool, ok, you’ll deal…

Because there seems to be f

I am asking more on a beginner level and my question applies to all of Street Fighter from World Warrior to Alpha 3 to SF4 Arcade edition.

I am really new and I may be mistaken but isn’t this forum is to ask

So its merely meant to be used if you already memorized an opponent’s playstyle?

just for future reference, questions this specific usually are better asked in a game/character subforum

You’re asking about a single move spanning across a large swath of games. Because of properties of the move, game engines and other characters’ options the utility can vary widely. Utility of a move in different games can change drastically, so asking about a move’s utility across the length of a series and iterations of a series is at the same time, too broad and too specific for the newbie dojo. Essentially, you’d want to ask this in the character sub forum for each specific game you have in question.