What's the price of an actual SFIV arcade?

Just curious… can’t seem to find the info online…

for that you can just build your own lol

shipping costs

Anyone else think that a personal one would be a useless POS?

yea, actually I do, dont get me wrong, as a project, to build that unit would be awesome but…
Having a big 50 inch screen, internet to play anyone, TE stick, and not have to play while standing up makes acquiring the arcade unit not really worth it.

you have to seat to play on a viewlix…and the feeling is far better. just like buying bread, you can go with a ferrari or a toyota(be carefull with your Toyota :-)) It just feel better in ferrari.

here is a french project. you have all the informations to do the same.
you just need your hand and a budget arround 1200$/1500$( depend of what you already have, and if you include your xbox/ps3 inside the cost).


good luck