Whats the purpose of ths mod?

Seimitsu LS-32 & LS-40 mod swop…



Gonna get my first LS-32 next week… but good to know about LS-36

meh… i’m thinking you guys should go with the LS-40 instead. what advantages would the LS-32 have if it needs LS-40 components?

Some people just like to experiment to “get the ultimate joystick”.

I think if you have to alter/change the joystick that much it kind of defeats the purpose…

I’ve only bothered to install extra springs and change the stock gates on the LS-32-01 and JLF. This business of swapping half the components between two online-bought sticks gets expensive and you end up losing a full joystick (parts-wise) in the process. Closest I’ve ever done to this was swapping a Hori joystick shaft (plus actuator, pivot, and E-clip retainer) for a JLF shaft in a Hori Fight Stick (Wii) mod. I used the Hori joystick shaft to avoid having to grind down the JLF stick shaft. It seems to fit and work fine with the JLF microswitch/gate assembly…

Just my opinion… Everybody spends their money and mod time how they want to.

There’s very little craziness in modding IMHO as long as you’re enjoying yourself and not bankrupting yourself in the process…

So is the LS-40 harder to mount than a LS-32?

What makes you think that? They use the same mounting plates.

They can use the same set of mounting plates.

EDIT: frickin ninja post!

I’m new to the modding game, and don’t know much about joysticks, just a stupid assumption\question. :wgrin: