What's the scene like in Albany, Salem, & Eugene?


By the end of this year, me and my fam are going to be moving back to Albany, due to really bad unemployment in the Portland metro area. I know there’s a Tilt at the Heritage mall, but I haven’t been to it since 2006, and the only fighting games I remember seeing was MSHvSF and MvC2 in a VR cab.

Anyone who lives in the area of Albany/Eugene/Salem can tell me how frequent the scene is? Should I even bother with trying to be active, or should I bite the bullet and just practice by myself?


Join us in our Corvallis/Albany/partlyEugene FGC.


It’s mostly a rag tag of Corvallis and Albany players that have been getting together more regularly. We even hosted a tournament recently and had a pretty good showing of Portland, Salem, and Eugene folks. Also CPR from Tacoma came. The Eugene players have also been trying to get more involved with the Corvallis group and so the name of Mid-Willamette is starting to get more appropriate.

Truth be told though, I’m moving to Portland pretty soon. But there’s a lot of players here who are passionate about fighting games and we always welcome anyone interested, regardless if you’re a scrub or the king of street fighting. It’s a diverse group as well, some prefer SF, there’s a few MVC only folks, and a couple of 3d fighting game guys.

Meet ups are currently held at group members houses and apartments. The plan is to start hosting more regular events and get more people.


Kinda depends on what games you play. The best KOF player in the state is in eugene and there are some really strong kof players in salem and eugene besides joel. Best UMVC player in the state is in salem but I don’t generally play with anybody else in the state outside of tournaments or special requests. One of the better AE players is in corvallis or albany I believe. There are a scattered few people interested in 3d fighters.


I’ve been out of it for a while due to work, but I plan on holding weeklys again. Our crowd is mostly KoFXIII, but guys do play other games. Eugene for instance loves Skullgirls, and as 1TruKing stated, he plays UMVC3. Perhaps Friday night you can roll on down and check us out.