What's the shallowest a case can be and still fit a JLF?


I tried searching this topic but couldn’t find the info I needed; although, I do remember reading it in a thread before.

How thin can a case be and still have enough clearance for a JLF? I think I read something about 2" 3/4 but I don’t remember and I don’t want my wood, then find out it’s too narrow to use.

Thanks in advance.


a JLW is like 1.5 inches, so a JLF is less


Well i have a 2 inch case that I’m making, with the jlf at proper height there isn’t much room from the shaft to the plexi. The plexi is about an 1/8 of an inch. So I would say the 1" 3/4 is as narrow as you could go and still have the shaft at a decent height.

EDIT: It seems like Domz made a case that was an 1" 1/2, doesn’t look like you could go much thinner than that.


Also note that he used a hori shaft in his JLF


that’s good to know. So a 2" 1/4 case will be fine with 1/8th plexi top and bottom.

Thanks guys.