What's the sickest conversion you've ever pulled off in a match?


I’m talking top of the screen j.L to the floor for a full combo.

This is my favorite part of Marvel-- taking tiny touches and using mobility and hitstun to bring them to the floor.

Personally, I’ve done that random toetap j.MM j.MMS with Sentinel when I wasn’t even looking at the screen, and done j.H rocket punch xx Hard Drive full screen into full combo. Still, with my team, you don’t get many cool ones because everyone on it has a jumping ground bounce move.


I converted Thor to Christianity once.


Yeah there’s only a few characters who have real conversions anyway in this game. Viper, Chun, Iron Man, Racoon, Spiderman, Thor and Joe. Pretty much everyone else’s is super easy just because of moves that cause retarded amounts of hitstun (ie: all of Magneto’s air normals) and causing ground bounce, wall bounce, hard knockdown states. (Wolverine,Doom etc.) That aside it feels nice hitting someone with a SJ height Iron Man confirm, reminds me a lot of my marvel 2 fast fly stuff.


They should take away Vergil’s box dash in DT. He ain’t have that shit in DMC3.

They should give everyone else in the game a boxdash for lulz.


What’s a “conversion”? Is that what ghetto kids call a comeback these days?


A “conversion” is when you attack your opponet and get a combo off of it.
So like for instance, I threw out a random air H with Spider-Man and was able to get out a combo that did atleast half-health.


Nothing is sweeter in the game than Iron man conversion and OVC


Oh…seems like somewhat of a useless term (probably coined at a tourney or something), but mine was back in the alpha 2 days. Opponent tried to cross me up with Nash, and I did Ryu’s toward and strong punch, as he tried to do Nash’s toward and roundhouse. With my back turned, I knocked him out of it, then did low forward (which went in the right direction and connected due to my frame advantage) into shinkuu hadoken. I made a gif of the video cuz that back-turned hit was so damn weird, I had to keep it.



Yo, that is legendary! :tup:


Top-of-the-screen footdive.


Ammy has real conversions :frowning:
Shuma too
and I still do vanilla doom conversions because fuck you


Cant Ammy just do whatever into Dog headbutt? Thats what I usually see Marlin do anyways. Also I’m not quite sure what this “Shuma” is you speak of.


It’s dependent on the angle you hit them at. Not to mention, you are looking at bad bad damage if you do get that confirm. Confirming from super jump height and optimizing your damage with ammy. . . you are looking at around 3 weapon switches just to confirm
Then, all the random confirms require very quick reactions and switches.
ie. random jump beads confirms requires you to switch to sword and jump l m sword dive switch to beads jh dash etc


Ammy has the conversions of a god. They are so damn hard just because ammy has almost no hitstun on her air normals and the ones that actually do have good hitstun you have to stance cancel to get anything off it.




Um…I would think that goes without saying…:lol:


I played MVC2, so no MVC3 conversion qualifies as “sick” for me.


Landing Dormammus super jump height conversion is one of the most beautiful feelings in the game (0:44:50)



not even super jump height burn kick loop confirms?


It was way early into marvel 3’s life, before ultimate and I was at Clock’s house running game with him and the crew. I had noticed his Phoenix was tearing that ass up all over. It was my turn and we play regular he kills off two of my characters and I’m left with Super Skrull vs his Phoenix. He is building meter by super jumping to orbs and doing em over and over. I try my teleport and am hit out by orbs, He does it again and so I wave dash across the screen, by this time his slow orbs are following me and when I reach the opposite end of the screen, his side, I super jump and air grab him out of his orbs dash forward and do the dive with d. fierce. I think that’s what it was. Anyway, I owned him.