Whats the strongest super


just wondering…


i think one of the level 3’s…like ryu’s, spiral’s, akuma’s hayato’s, etc…


In terms of damage on a single super,

1.) Mashed Rameiken (Silver Samurai)…
2.) Giant Monkey (only on Mecha Armor, Sonson)
3.) Glitch Headcrush (Juggie)
4.) Gamma Crush (Hulk)
5.) Chaos Dimension (Shuma)
6.) Colossus Dive

In terms of generally accepted usefulness:

1.) AHVB x_ (Cable)
2.) Hailstorm (Storm)
3.) HSF (Sentinel)
4.) Lightning Storm (Storm)
5.) Oroboros (Strider)

6.) Tron Projectile Assist (oops, not a super…)

But, then again, that’s much more debatable than sheer damage.

Tron Jon


I think Dan’s lv.3 is the strongest .


For straight damage, nothing really comes close to a fully mashed 8-hit glitched Headcrush; definitely not for just one level.

If you can set up a Hulk “double crush” rather than the standard mashable opponent-had-feet-planted kind that most people judge him on, that’s not bad… but still a distant second.

Dan’s lvl. 3 = joke (in this game)

Chaos Dimension = see Dan

As a matter of fact, I don’t think any lvl. 3 does an honest 85%, and many wont hit point + assist, or at least not reliably.

Not even gonna try to rate “usefulness”… :smiley:


I’m surprised no one has mentionned BBHood’s Cruel hunting super which is one of the most easily comboable, damaging, chipping super of the game :evil:


strongest falls prey to “Relative Terms Syndrome”. In other words, this depends on what you mean. Do you mean most damage? Do you mean generally useful? Do you mean easy to use? Do you mean good damage:meter ratio? Do you mean simple comboability? Do you mean safe if whiffed? Do you mean in terms of chip? Too many possibilties…


Is the Tempest not up there as well?


in terms of damage, no.

HEADCRUSH!!!:smiley: (glitched, of course!):cool:


Rameiken’s definitely up there. 1/2 life to the point character, and any assists that happen to be on screen, just because you got crossed, or your guard slipped… it’s not bad. And if you catch a single assist with it, but not the main… well, there’s almost nothing most people can do about it. Of course, it’s nothing compared to the Glitch-crush in a match.

Vs. Abyss, 100% life without a problem, start of the match. Then again, who really cares about Abyss?

Tron Jon


Speakin of that, how do you go about it to get 8 full hits? I mash my ass off on DC and at the arcade while glitched and never ever get more than 4 :(.


Point characters must be at least 1/3 screen away, further is better. It helps to land a s. HP first to buy you the necessary spacing, if you have that kind of time to work with.

Things are a bit more lenient as far as assists, but you’ll still have a very hard time getting 8 hits if they were right beside you.

It’s all about spacing, and the proper mash technique of course…