What's the Team Scrub of CvS2?


After playing MvC2 for a while, I saw how Team Scrub really earned it’s name in the game. So I was curious about what that sort of team for this game was.

After watchng a lot of people suddenly play K-Groove, I’m going to take a guess that K-CBS is that team. I mean it has Cammy on it, that’s the first sign. :smiley: Basically the team is just loaded with people that have really powerful pokes, good damage output w/o Rage, simply -brutal- damage output w/ it and easy to link 1-2 hits xx super.

And with a lot of people’s JD + zoning skills, you notice the main way of powering up is just getting fucked up for whiffing shit all day long. Or maybe there’s a Team Scrub for all Grooves, if you have any idea’s, feel free to share.


There really isn’t a team scrub for CVS2. If it had to be one then it might be K-CBS.