Whats the trick to the infinite

hey guys i was trying to do morrigans infinite and for some reason i do it in the training room but when i play my friends the combo alwasy seems to not work i can get the launcher and the sj. lk then down hk but when i cancel into the hcb lk they block i even tried to do the hcb hk and they still block and if they dont the hits from the hcb hk the hit knock them behind me WHATS THE DEAL if anybody knows what im doing wrong or if im doing it write can u please post and tell me the trick to getting it to work thanks. my aol screenname is CaptainCombo18@aol.com if u cant catch me on here.:smiley:

It only works on Dr.Doom. =(

…Also Tron and Collosus, and you can get AT LEAST two or three repetitions on Storm, Venom, Bison, Silver Samurai, Anarkis, Zangief, Sabretooth, Ruby, and Amingo. Plus she’s got another inf that works on anyone, but that’s not what you’re talking about…

If you are still having trouble even though you’re trying to do it on one of the people listed above, there is kind of a “trick” to get the qcb+LK to connect:

The trick’s just in timing the qcb+LK. Not TOO fast so that the down+HK gets canceled before it even connects, but as soon as possible AFTER the down+HK has already regestired as a hit.

And if you STILL can’t do it… your best bet’s just to practice alot :slight_smile:

Whats the other infinite

yea i was wonderin whats her other infinite can someone post it please

j99 please post the other infinite thanks:D

Yeah on standing Sentinel.

It’s jumping -> lp, lk, mp, mk, hp, hk…

It’s a little hard though.

On anyone (except servbot and maybe megaman and roll) standing in the corner:

[dash-in s.LP, s.HK, superjump cancel (a split second after the HK hits), immediately air-dash forward, sj.LP, sj.MP, sj.HK, land] repeat brackets.

Alot harder than the other 2 though

Is there a trick to timing the sentinel infinite, because I can’t get it right. Also it was said to be
"j forward.LP, j.LK, j.MP, j.HP, j.HK, land, repeat(switch to slow j.LK, j.MK, j.HP, j.HK when you get far)"
by Dasrik in another thread. Could somone clear up which one it is and what the timing is for it. Thanks in advance.

Easiest standing Sent inf, for me anyway, is just a jumping magic series ending in HP (no HK). Put a slight pause after the lp and it’s a piece of cake.

Like so:

[jump forward, j.LP, slight pause, j.LK, j.MP, j.MK, j.HP, land] repeat

There are alot of different ways to do it, but I find this one to be the easiest.

EDIT: The reason I don’t use the HK is to prevent them from getting too far away for the infinite to continue. The method Dasrik mentioned does more damage, but I find it difficult to pull off switching to the slow part in a match.

You can use a dash when doing the infinite on Sentinel to keep from getting too far away. I like to do the 5 hit (:lp: :lk: :lp: :lk: :hp:) twice, then the 6 hit (same as 5 hit but with a :hk: afterwards), then dash.

Check out my second match against Duc Jr. at the recent UCI tourney to see it in action.

And while I’m at it using these way-cool “Street Fighter Smiles”, let me just say that Soul Fist is :qcf: :hp:.

Justin K–

Wow-- great stuff in that vid :slight_smile:

I’ve never been able to pull off the dash outside of training mode-- if I get that far away I usually cheat and DHC or assist or launch or something (like try to continue the inf and eating an HSF-- yeah, I suck).

A quick question about those videos if you don’t mind-- I noticed when you got in close and rushed down you used airdash LK instead of LP – does it have better priority or something? Or is it just because it’s faster to slide your finger from 2P to LK than to hit LP again?

It’s just an old bad habit. 2P to LP is much better, but I’ve been doing LK for so long that LP is not an “instinct” yet. I can do it all day in training mode, but when I get lost in the moment in a real game then LK is what comes out. :slight_smile:

yeah this is an old thread, but I was watching those vids again since I figured I’d try morrigan again. Twice in the second vid he combos into DI in the air, once on cable and again on sent after the infinite. How the hell did he do that, I can never get it to work. It doesn’t seem to be a rare situation either, but there must be something I’m missing. Thanks in advance for any response.

I’m pretty sure it wasn’t a solo combo into DI. I haven’t seen those vids in a long time, but from what I remember he did *launch+Sonson AAA *before comboing into DI. You can actually do that with alot of AAAs… Cyclops and IM work pretty well for that too.

I could be wrong though… like I said I haven’t seen those videos in a long time.