What's the use for the s.lp after tigershots?

I am a sagat player and seen pros use this tactic why?

There was an article a while back (by Maj?) on why top players will whiff st.Jab and st.Shorts for seemingly no reason. Can’t seem to find it though, oh well.

It has very little to do with zoning, the intent of st.Jab/Short whiffs is to make it look like your character is devoting to a slower attack (in this case, Tiger Shots) when they actually aren’t at all. Then when you move in to punish, he recovers way before you expect him to and swats you out of the air.

I was puzzled by this, too, I always see Guiles doing this in vids of ST. I always figured that maybe it was a way to help them get into the rhythm of getting their sonic booms out as soon as their charge was up or something, haha.

Throwing out the shorts and jabs creates ‘visual static’’. The visibility of motion makes your opponent antsy, which tends to let your projectiles go unpunished or jumped in on, and tends to make them jump in on a non-existent projectile.


It’s the same as feinting. Plus it enables charge characters to maintain their charge while standing without moving backwards.

As guile, i do it to stay in place as well as convince the other guy to do something to avoid a sonic boom that I’m not planning on throwing.