What's the use of Akuma's EX Demon Flip?



I was thinking about that…why should someone spent an EX bar to use it, if you can do the same with normal Demon Flips? Can someone illuminate me?


Pursuit property, timings, cross up factor form predefined setups.


I use it to punish fireballs and to catch people off guard. I almost always use the ex throw, especially against fireballs. Timing is tight with some characters, especially charge characters like guile. You can’t punish his sonic boom with it on reaction, you need to predict he’s going to throw it based on the players patterns. Sagat is another tricky one- high tiger shot is easy to punish but the low needs to be timed real tight. Ken’s a little tricky as well, I’ve wiffed them against him a lot if I do it late and if I do it real early it seems like the throw won’t grab him in the fireball animation.

Just play around with it. It’s a great punish for certain moves but abusing it is not a good idea.